Are you a cost-conscious person looking to fly on a budget? Well, you don’t have to wait for a year-end sale or alike to avail low rates. DWT brings you the best low-cost airlines around the world, with which you can save your money and keep it to spend on your traveling pleasure.

It doesn’t matter where you are flying from, we’ve got you covered. Here are the carriers you can fly with and save your amount.

1.Feel First Class with the Economy Flights of Air Canada

Air Canada is the largest carrier of Canada, ruling the skies since 1937.  It is among the world’s top ten biggest airlines and a founding member of Star Alliance (the first worldwide aviation alliance).

Where does it fly?

It flies from London Heathrow Airport to destinations such as Calgary, Montreal, Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and St John’s. Not only this, it is rated as the Best Long Haul airline to fly to the Americas.

Smoking the mains, YYZ
Good to know: In 2001, Air Canada acquired second largest airline in the country, Canadian airlines. In February 2017, Air Canada livery was changed in which the red-colored-written brand name and the tail color was changed from red to black.

The airline has two subsidiaries, Air Canada Rough and Air Canada Express. The Canadian carrier has a fleet of 170 aircraft and it covers 182 global destinations.

2. Emirates – One of the Best Budget Airlines to Travel with

Started in 1985, the Dubai based carrier is fourth largest airline in the World in terms of passengers.

Where does it fly?

Emirates takes you to 140 destinations in Africa, Asia, Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, and The Americas. It flies more than three thousand flights per week, landing on 140 airports in 70 countries. The airline is also one of the few carriers which fly to all six populous continents.

Their aircraft takes off from multiple United Kingdom airports such as Newcastle, Birmingham, London-Gatwick, London-Heathrow, Manchester, and Glasgow Airport. Emirates is famous for its hospitality and best in-flight entertainment.


Good to know: Emirates is the only major airline which is not the part of any Airline Alliance.

The airline has the largest wide-body aircraft on Earth, which have showers on board too. Wherever you fly with Emirates, you will have a short halt in Dubai Airport, the third busiest airport in the world.

3.Travel to Scandinavian Countries With a Tri-national Carrier – SAS Airlines

Abbreviated above, SAS is the largest airline in Scandinavia. The airline is a national carrier of three countries. Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Founded in 1946, the airline is a founding member of Star Alliance and eighth largest carrier in Europe.

Good to know: SAS is the only airline the world to feature flags of three countries altogether.

Where does it fly?

It flies to 100 plus destinations in Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East. SAS homes include Copenhagen Airport, Oslo Airport, and Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

From the UK, SAS takes off from Birmingham, Manchester, London Heathrow, and Newcastle airports. SAS flies most to Scandinavian places than any other airline.

4. Explore Middle East and Africa with Low Flight Prices of Royal Air Maroc

The flagship carrier started its operations in 1949. Royal Airline Maroc is controlled by the government of Morocco. It is the largest domestic airline in Morocco. The airline has hubs in Casablanca, Marrakesh, Tangier (all in Morocco) and Paris (France).

Where does it fly?

Royal Air internationally flies to Africa, Europe, Middle East, and South America.

Good to know: One misconception about Royal Air is its IATA code.

Many people think its code is RAM, whereas the IATA code of the carrier is AT.

The airline has codeshare agreements with Brussels Airlines, Etihad Airways, JetBlue, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines and more. The carrier is known for its punctuality.

5.Fly High with the Best Flight Deals of Turkish Airlines

The flag carrying airline of Turkey established in 1933. It is the fourth largest carrier in the world in terms of destinations.


Good to know: Turkish Airlines gets high benefits from its home location. Istanbul is not only among the most popular world destinations but also a central location which connects East and West.

Not only a star alliance member, the airline won the Skytrax award in 2016 for “Best Airline in Europe” for the sixth running year too. The long-haul flights usually include a stopover in Istanbul, with a wait of six hours and sometimes even longer.

During the long haul waiting period, the airline offers tours to the city’s most important spots. If you want to fly to Istanbul or any other destination with Turkish Airlines, you can find flights from Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester, London Heathrow and Gatwick Airports.

Where does it fly?

With 300 destinations worldwide, Turkish Airlines is among the carriers which fly to more countries than any other airline including Asia, Europe, Middle East, North and South America, and Africa.

6.Move Around the World in an Economic Way with British Airways

British Airways is the largest carrier of UK in terms of fleet size. The airline is a founding member of the OneWorld Alliance. It has codeshares with American Airlines, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, and more. It has formed the International Airlines Group (IAG) in partnership with Iberia.

Good to know: The very first flight of British Airways in 1919, carried only one passenger. What else was on the plane? Newspapers, Jam, Devonshire cream, and Grouse. In 2008, Captain Lynn Barton, the first female pilot of BA landed the first passenger plane at the brand new terminal 5 of Heathrow Airport.

Where does it fly?

British Airways flies to 283 worldwide destinations including Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. It is one of the few airlines which fly to all six populated continents. The main hubs of BA are London Heathrow (LHR) and Gatwick (LGW) Airports. The most popular flight routes are London to New York and London to Dublin.

7.Get Pleased with the German Hospitality in Lufthansa

German flag carrier, Deutsche Lufthansa, is the largest airline in Europe and a founding member of Star Alliance. Based in Cologne, it operates from Frankfurt (FRA) and Munich (MUC) Airports. The airline owns many subsidiary airlines such as Swiss International Airlines, Germanwings, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, and Eurowings.

Lufthansa Airlines

Good to know: Lufthansa was the first carrier which offered in-flight internet. Also, it is the biggest purchaser of Caviar in the World.

Where does it fly?

The giant airline flies to 220 worldwide destinations including 18 local places. The destinations include Europe, Middle East, Asia, Arica, North and South America.

8. Discover the Asian Culture & Civilization with Air China

Air China is one of the largest carriers of China. In 1988, when Chinese government divided the Civil Aviation Administration into six separate carriers, Air China emerged and took charge for long-haul flights.

Good to know: Air China is the presidential carrier of the Chinese President. There is no specific plane assigned for him.

Air China was also the first Chinese airline to provide free Wi-Fi on board.

The airline is a member of Star Alliance. It also won the Spanish ‘Plaque for Tourist Merit’ award in 2010 for helping Spanish Tourism Industry.

Where does it fly?

It covers more than 200 destinations, international and local combined, including Asia, Europe, Oceania, Middle East, North America, Africa, and South America. Air China flies from its hubs, Beijing Capital Airport (PEK), Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG), and Chengdu International Airport (CTU).

9.Visit the African Landscape with Ethiopian Air

Owned by Ethiopian Government, the airline is around since 1945 and considered as best carrier in Sub Saharan Africa. The airline is the third African carrier to be a member of an Alliance (Star Alliance) and covers more African cities than any other airline. It is not only the largest airline in Africa, but also awarded as the best African Carrier of 2017 by Skytrax.

Good to know: It is the first African airline to fly to China.

Currently, the airline flies to Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Beijing, and Guangzhou.

Where does it fly?

Based in Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, it flies to 90 global destinations including Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, Middle East, and South America. The airline has codeshares with 20 other airlines.

10.Save your Flights’ Budget with Brussels Airlines

Started almost recently in 2006, Brussels airline has gained greatly in a short period. Not only it is a member of Star Alliance, it covers 100 plus destinations too.

Where does it fly?

Other than its home, Brussels Airport, the airline moves across North America, Europe, and Africa.


Good to know: In 2017, Brussels Airline was acquired by Lufthansa and works under the same name.

The airline has a fleet of 49 aircraft including Avro, Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, and Embraer. If you want a quality economy class travel, Brussels Airline is worthy to fly with.

Surely, there can be a number of airlines you might think about to be the best. But after analyzing multiple key factors such as operational safety, long haul flights, seating options, profitability, fleet age, the regions these carriers fly the most, and passenger reviews, these airlines are considered as the best low cost airlines around the world, specifically.