As technology surpassed by the years, it feels great to know that the modern world is so advance that a machine is able to do our work more brilliantly than us. Let’s move up to the technological ladder and watch around the cities round the globe which have exceeded at a higher speed and are known as the most technically progressive places of the world



  1. Tokyo


The capital of Japan is on #1, ranking first on our list of 10 of the most technically progressive places of the world. Technically advance in a sense that majority of the people uses the high speed internet in Tokyo, the largest metropolitan city of Japan is most used to of the smartphones and technological gadgets around the world. The latest infrastructure, modern city skyline and the use of latest cars sums up and makes Tokyo one of the most technically advance city of the world.



  1. Silicon Valley- USA

Silicon Valley-min

In the state of California, lies the Silicon Valley of USA, the city remains a top choice for technology lovers as there is already thousands of workers daily working in an IT firm, the Hi Tech lifestyle of the citizens and their nature of job in IT fields makes the city a technically surpassed city. Google, Facebook HP, Mozilla and Apple and many such big names has heir headquarters in the Silicon Valley.



  1. Stockholm


Definitely one of the most beautiful cities around the Globe, but Stockholm has much more importance than just being gorgeous .it has been a largest growing technology hub of Europe. A large number of Hi Tech companies are available in the city, the companies are accessible by thousands of workers daily and making their dream jobs a reality. The computerized  schools and offices plus the use of high speed internet and availability of doing government work online at home makes the city one of the most technically progressive places of the world.



  1. Singapore


Singapore is one of those popular spots for technology lovers and technical freaks. High tech companies like Microsoft, Fuji, HP, IBM and many others have their offices in Singapore. The high rising apartments and buildings and the modern and embraced architecture makes the country one of the technically advance country around the Globe. The mobile payments use of high speed internet and online access anytime anywhere for the citizens summaries the fact of Singapore being a technological surpassed country of Asia.



  1. Taipei


One of the rapidly growing technical hub of the world, Taipei is on #5 on our list of 10 of the most technically progressive places of the world. The growing rate of providing higher speed of internet access for general public, the use of computerized software for security and other purposes sums up Taipei as another technically surpassed city.



  1. Seoul


Seoul enjoys a high tech life style than any other city of South Korea, Hyundai, Samsung, LG and many other big technology brands can be found in Seoul. Majority of the citizens’ work for the High tech industry and this can be proved by the increasing rate of the city’s GDP.



  1. New York

New York-min

The most popular and populous city of US cannot be left behind on this list, the advance subway system, more than 500 tech companies and fastest growing rate of more of advancements summarize New York as a rival city for any other technically surpassed city of the world.



  1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong-min

Hong Kong has the fastest growing rate of modern and contemporary skyscrapers, the schools and offices are highly equipped with the technical requirements and the people are well aware of the technology usage in their daily lives.



  1. Bangalore


One of the fastest growing technological hubs of India, Bangalore remains a city that is highly connected with the IT firms and a high rise in technology usage can be found in Bangalore. May be that is the reason that the highly recognized companies like Google, Facebook, Wipro and Microsoft has opened their offices in Bangalore.



  1. San Francisco

San Francisco-min

Since the boom of internet usage in the 90s, and the companies focusing much on the tech and IT firms all resulted out to provide the city of San Francisco with the highest internet speed and a popular destination around the world. The great number of innovation centres and headquarters of many tech companies makes San Francisco another technically advance city of the world.