A small and densely populated country in Europe, Netherlands hold back all the attractions one needs to travel, the more you explore, the more you travel, the more you find  it worthy of all your expenses. Though you may have hundreds of it, I will just be dragging your attention to the 10 reasons to visit Netherlands.


The Amsterdam Canals

Amsterdam Canals

Whilst visiting Amsterdam, it’s a crime not to include the Amsterdam canals on your list. The wonderful canals could be accessed by boats or water taxi, walk around the small bridge and quaint streets along to enjoy furthermost.


Appreciate Great History at The Rijksmuseum


The most prestigious and famous museum in Netherlands, the Rijksmuseum surely deserves to be on our list of 10 reasons to visit Netherlands. The museum contains a wide variety of exuberant art and paintings of the Golden Age of Dutch


Roam around the Garden of Europe – Keukenhof

Cloud Mine Amsterdam / Shutterstock.com
Cloud Mine Amsterdam / Shutterstock.com

Annually, around 7 million tulips are planted in the Keukenhof garden and that’s not just the end of it, it has been regarded as the largest flower garden for the Dutch flower industry. You can enjoy the rich floral beauty the best at the Keukenhof gardens and even some beautiful daffodils and spring flowers can be seen growing here beautifully, from March to May, it’s the best time to see the gardens as they are open for general public.


Enjoy the diversified culture

Cloud Mine Amsterdam / Shutterstock.com
Cloud Mine Amsterdam / Shutterstock.com

There’s no or less language barrier in the Netherlands, perhaps which is the top most reason out of the 10 reasons to visit the Netherlands. Almost everyone in the country prefers speaking English and it doesn’t matter if it’s not pitch perfect. Moreover, Marijuana is legal so it’s not a big deal drinking in public while you enjoy your high time with friends on the streets at night.


Lie down under the red trees at the Hoge Veluwe National Park

Hoge Veluwe National Park

Though the country is a small and densely populated one, then too it has some of the remarkable jewels like the Hoge Veluwe National Park, it covers the areas of the Apeldoorn and Amhem and has popularly become one of the finest and most recommended day trip destinations. Enjoy hiking, biking and bird watching to make the best out of your trip.


Get enthralled by viewing the Anne Frank Museum

Anne Frank Museum editorial Dennis van de Water Shutterstock.com

Dennis van de Water / Shutterstock.com

The history behind the museum is a bit dry but willingly, you must know about it. During WWII when Anne’s family hid in the house, the same place where she wrote her diary, though she died just 2 month before the war concluded, her legacy of words since then has been translated into 51 languages and has remained an important piece of work for travellers to see and observe.


Rest down at the Village of Kinderdijk

Village of Kinderdijk

Watch the beautifully surviving windmills dating back to 1722, at the Kinderdijk village; they are the largest concentration of windmills which are still standing there marvellously. Watch around them to examine the past and get to know a bit of sad but interesting history of the village.


Have a day trip at the Kasteel De Haar

Kasteel De Haar

Just beside the oldest city of Netherlands Utrecht is the perfect spot to enjoy some relaxing time and to have an excellent day trip, Kasteel De Haar. The beautiful castle and the largest fortification has been well known for its Dutch architecture, it was originally built in the 14th century till it required more land and got relocated. You will get to enjoy the remarkable collection of some of the oldest antiques, furniture and paintings of that time.


View the iconic Erasmusbrug Bridge

Erasmusbrug Bridge

You should definitely choosing a visit to the Erasmusbrug Bridge from our list of 10 reasons to visit Netherlands this year, the bridge has been a famous spot for film locations, Jackie Chan’s movie Who am I was shot here in 1998, several other great performances has been arranged on the bridge. The bridge is beautifully nicknamed as ‘’the swan’’ and has been the heaviest and largest bridge of the Western Europe till date.


Enjoy Cycling around the cities

cycling in Netherland

The cities of Netherlands can be much enjoyed via paddling so choose cycling routes to enjoy the beautiful streets and side lanes. The countryside and the scenic beauty is simply marvellous when you are at a slower pace on your cycle trying to enjoy every bit you pass by.