The thought about not having something on you on your first flight can be overwhelming. So you either feel the need to bring everything along while packing and incur hefty baggage costs or just pack without overthinking in the hopes that you will buy the particular items abroad.

Whether you are flying for a holiday, going for a business trip or going for sight-seeing, this list of things will keep you equipped when the spur of moments arrive and help your flight journey go smoothly.



19767301 - man gets money from the wallet

Many times restaurants and ATMs do not accept your credit cards. At times, your transactions do not get approved by the bank because consistently large purchases imply fraudulent purchases. It is best to keep some cash in hand to buy everyday items or groceries. This does not imply that you should ditch the credit card and carry a big wad of cash. Cash can be used to buy things from shops, tip waiters for food or pay for charges to enjoy amusement park rides or visit museums that demand entrance fees.


Extra set of clothing

This will help in two ways: One, you should keep layers as temperature on flights can get chilly and two, if you want to get refreshed or change clothes, you have extra set of clothing and underwear. You don’t want endure a sticky situation throughout your flight developed from spilled food and drinks. This is particularly helpful for children who make a mess or when they vomit on themselves.

By having a fresh pair of comfortable clothes, you can sit in your seat comfortably.

Remember, if you look good, you’ll feel good!


Charger/Power Bank

80548035 - powerbank and cellphone on wooden table

I know what you’re thinking: This one is a no-brainer. But let us elucidate. Unlike in a business class their territory on the vacant power outlet. Even if you wait politely to plug your devices, someone else hogs the power socket. To avoid your phone or tablet from running out of batteries, buy a power bank. While this may not work for laptops, your cellphones will be available for continuous use.

Plus, this is a one-time expenditure; you won’t need to spend more money on your subsequent flights.

where you get a power supply with your seat, in the economy class there is high chance that somebody has marked


Books or E-reader

If you are a bibliophile or you want to do something else after watching your favorite movies with plenty of time to spare, then get 2-4 books and start reading your favorite novels. If books take up unnecessary space in your luggage, then e-books are your next choice. Download as many as you can on your tablet, note phone or Kindle. Once again, make sure that your device are fully charged or have the venue for charging them.


Documents- In soft and hardcopy

This is something that does not exactly make your flight comfortable. It does, however, help when you create at least 2 copies of your passports, flight details and other documents. It is advised to send a softcopy to your email as a backup to make a new passport/document if yours is misplaced or stolen.



You may not get a massage parlor, a big shower place or a jacuzzi, you can still get a sense of refreshment from keeping the following items with you:

1) Toothbrush 2) Toothpaste 3) Wet wipes 4) Hand Sanitizer 5) Comb 6) Make up

Many items are not present due to the strict restriction rule of liquid/gel carrying by TSA. The amount must not exceed 3.4 ounces or 100ml and be in a one clear zip lock bag. If you can get shampoo and mouthwash in less than 100ml, then you are more than welcome to bring it.

If you are uncertain about this, ask the hotel/hostel accommodation if they provide free toiletries. If not, then you have your cash in hand to help with the purchase.


Medicines (for allergies and unexpected illnesses)

Make sure you carry days’ worth of medicines (including over-the-counter ones). If you are going to a new destination and are unsure if the pharmacies over there keep your medicine type, then this will keep you safe from allergies. This will also be helpful when you suffer from illnesses like a flue from inclement weather, upset stomach from eating spicy food etc.

Keeping a first aid kit will equip you during your times of globetrotting when you are going through rough terrain or when you hurt yourself while trying to catch the breathtaking view of a city from a high place.



This one is problematic. If your skin is ultra-sensitive to heat rays when you are travelling from West to East or just going to visit many beaches, then this is an essential item to pack. However, you have to comply with the liquid/gel restriction of 3.4 ounces/100ml. But if you can endure some sunshine, you can buy sunscreen as soon as you land. This one depends on you.


Reusable water bottles

One of the ways to keep fit on a long flight is to remain hydrated. The dry atmosphere can really make passengers thirsty. Unfortunately you cannot bring several litres of liquid with you (again the liquid/gel restriction imposed by TSA). So it is best to carry empty reusable water bottles. When you clear through security, you can fill them up. There are also bottles with filters which can help purify tap water.



While you are already aware of how dry and unsatisfactory the flight meals are in economy class, the business class is not significantly better. Hunger pains can really interfere from watching a good movie or reading a compelling novel. Hence, bringing snacks home are both healthy and plenty to satiate hunger. If you have forgotten to bring any, then there are several airport outlets for you to buy snacks.

A word of advice, avoid bringing any liquid or odor producing food like sardines; just so that you don’t appear as a jerk toward other passengers. Why? It is because in one of the flight stories, passengers were showered with maggots falling from overhead bins. Maggots! Turns out a man brought a dead fish and wrapped it in newspaper and placed it in the overhead compartment. Apparently, it is regarded as a delicacy in parts of Africa.

Noise cancelling headphones

34238385 - couple listening to music on headphones

Unlike in business class where you can solitude and free earphones, you have to buy your own headphones before your flight. This is the best way to deal with those screaming children, loudly snoring seatmates, drowning out the engine noise with your music playlist and overall getting a peaceful nap. Like the power banks, they are an investment which will be fruitful for your subsequent flights if you are travelling economy class.


If for some reason you are unfortunate during your flight and nothing is going your way (no on-flight entertainment, no extra clothes, ate all your snacks like the cookie monster at take-off and more woes) then take out your note pad and pen. The only way to get through the flight and pass the time is to write stories. Any story will do or start improving your drawing skills as long as it distracts you. Plus this is a great way to start brainstorming about the things you will do after you land.