Surrounded by the far-reaching mountain slopes, specked with a unique flora and fauna, and long never-ending streams of rivers – there are some breathtakingly beautiful valleys around the world. From the valleys surrounded by the majestic snow-covered peaks in Nepal and China, to some of the most picturesque valleys in the Alps of Europe, I have chosen the 20 most beautiful valleys in the world to inspire and enhance the knowledge of all itchy feet. So read this blog post, and plan a trip to enjoy these nature’s marvels in 2019.

20 World’s Most Beautiful Valleys

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1# Khumbu Valley – Nepal

Khumbu Valley Nepal

Khumbu Valley has some of the world’s most majestic peaks and sceneries. Known as the Everest region, this valley is a highly recommended destination for everyone to travel to.

2# Valley of the Ten Peaks – Canada

Valley of the Ten Peaks Canada

This valley is so photogenic and scenic, it is hard to believe that such beauty still exists in the world. The photos taken here looks like more of a painting than snaps. So visit this beauty to believe it!

3# Barun Valley – Nepal

Barun Valley Nepal

Located in the base of the fifth highest mountain on Earth, Mount Makalu, Barun Valley is another mystical place in our list. The flora and fauna of this destination are always floating in the clouds, and it is no less than a heaven.

4# Lötschental Valley – Switzerland

Lotschental Valley Switzerland

Lötschental Valley is located in Swiss Alps. It is one of the largest valleys of Switzerland, and this majestic place is known for the River Lonza and unique custom of the people living in Tschäggättä.

5# Kaghan Valley – Pakistan

Kaghan Valley Pakistan

Kaghan is a lush green gorge in the foothills of Pakistani Himalayas. Covered with wildflowers, River Kunhar, and a unique fauna, there are a lot of things to do and explore in this beautiful valley. Trek to some of the most beautiful lakes on this planet, or do some rafting in the river, or just take amazing snaps in the scenic valley.

6# Valley of Flowers – India

Flowers Valley India

Valley of Flowers is a National Park in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. This enchanted place is known for its amazing wildflowers, diverse wildlife that includes brown and black bear, musk deer, red fox, snow leopards, and other mammals and birds. This place has some amazing high altitude trekking trails. Enjoy your time here.

7# Kalalau Valley – USA

Kalalau Valley USA

Hawaii not only have some of the pearly-white beaches in the world, but it has also unique valleys and amazing landscape. Kalalau Valley is one such destination in this island state of Hawaii that offers spectacular views of forests, wildlife, and hills all around.

8# Yosemite Valley – USA

Yosemite Valley USA

Photos don’t do justice with this stunning place, so you have to visit it to believe what marvels it holds. From the lush green meadows to the alpine forests, this national park valley is truly an extraordinary phenomenon of nature.

9# Jiuzhaigou Valley – China

Jiuzhaigou Valley China

Jiuzhaigou Valley is a nature reserve and a national park in the southwestern region of China. This place is equally beautiful to all the other valleys mentioned in this blog. With the flowing transparent rivers, lakes, and springs, it is a place worth visiting once a lifetime.

10# Jammu and Kashmir Valley – India

Jammu Kashmir Valley India

The valleys of Jammu and Kashmir are popular traveling destinations in India. With places like Dal Lake, Srinagar, and Gulmarg, there is so much to do and see. Dominated by the Himalayas in the north, and Pir Panjal Range in the southwest, this valley is a unique place with amazing flora and fauna.

11# Azad Kashmir Valley – Pakistan

Azad Kashmir Valley Pakistan

The city of Muzaffarabad is the gateway to some of the places in Azad Kashmir Valley that are known as the heaven on Earth. With high altitude meadows and lakes, and surrounded by Himalayan range, this place is truly an amazing destination to explore and have the best time of your life.

12# Romsdalen Valley – Norway

Romsdalen Valley Norway

Drained by the frothing Salmon River, the ravines of Romsdalen in Norway are a perfect escape for anyone who fancies aurora filled starry night skies. This place also features Europe’s lankiest vertical overhanging rocks, known as Trollveggen.

13# Valley of Geysers – Russia

Geysers Valley Russia

Just as the name suggests, the Valley of Geysers is the second largest concentration of geysers in the world. This valley can only be assessed by helicopters. So you are in for a ride.

14# Douro River Valley – Portugal

Douro River Valley Portugal

Known all over the world for its fine wine production, the Douro River Valley is a must visit for everyone visiting Portugal. With UNESCO World Heritage Site of Archaeological Park of Vale of Cao, Douro River valley will never cease to amaze anyone.

15# Hunza Valley – Pakistan

Hunza Valley Pakistan

Surrounded by some of the highest mountains on the face of the Earth, the Hunza Valley in Pakistan is no less than an ecstasy for travelers. With an exquisite wildlife, towering mountains, lakes, flowing river, and beautiful culture, this place should be next on your bucket list of travel destinations.

16# Skardu – Pakistan

Skardu Pakistan

Skardu city is the gateway to the second highest mountain in the world K2, along with other 8000ers in Concordia, Karakoram Mountain Range. But there are also other attractions in this beautiful vast valley in the highest mountains such as beautiful high altitude lakes, biggest glaciers outside Arctic and Antarctic Circle, Deosai Plains, Cold Desert, ancient forts, and beautiful Balti people that inhabit this place.

17# La Gran Sabana – Venezuela

La Gran Sabana_Venezuela

A huge plateau surrounded by towering peaks standing over 1000 meters, La Gran Sabana is home to some of the highest waterfalls on Earth, such as Angel Falls and Salto Kukenam. This place is truly magical, so we highly recommend it to our readers.

18# Valleys of Badakhshan province – Afghanistan

Badakhshan Valleys Afghanistan

The province of Badakhshan is little touched by the ongoing war in Afghanistan. So it can be a good place to explore. There are some of the most beautiful valleys in this unspoiled region. But it is important to hire a local guide before planning a trip.

19# Porsmork Valley – Iceland

Porsmork Valley Iceland

Porsmork Valley was once whittled by glaciers. But today, it is the combination of never-ending grasslands surrounding by beautiful hills, rivers, rocks, and barren beauty.

20# Torres Del Paine National Park – Chile

Torres Del Paine National Park Chile

With imposing granite cliffs and blue lakes, the gorge of Torres Del Paine is one of the most impressive destinations to visit in South America. Chile is blessed with some of the most beautiful valleys, rivers, lakes, and glaciers; but this place is unique in every way. So visiting it is a must for every tourist.