The world is running at a faster pace and we are seriously lacking the desire to live and travel, what I think is when the life treats you much better, return it back with fulfilling all your wishes and making it worth living by making the most of your living on earth. Where for some people traveling serves as a medicine, for some, relaxing back at home is peaceful, for some climbing the tallest mountain is a big deal, and for some cycling through the street roads is soothing. Around the world, today we will have our check on the 22 things to add in your travel bucket list before you die, I will definitely do at least 18 of them. Would you?



  • Walking through the narrow alleys of Venice

Travel the canal of Venice

  • To be lost in the grandness of Grand Canyon
  • Take a deep breath by watching the wonderful sights in Antarctica.
  • Lay in the beautiful white sand beaches in Australia
  • Explore the exuberance of Taj Mahal in India
  • Experience the cherry blossom festival in Japan


  • Hike up the Kilimanjaro mountain in Tanzania
  • Getting in touch with the fairy-tale atmosphere in the Glass Igloos of Lapland.

Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro-min

  • A trip to the Galapagos Island in Ecuador
  • Enjoy a tomato fight at the vivacious Tomatina Festival in Spain
  • Lay back beneath the outrageously stunning Reykjavik Northern Lights in Iceland.


  • Get a glittery touch during the Loy Krathong Festival of lights in Thailand
  • Attend the ravishing Rio de Janeiro festival


  • Lose in tranquillity at the Tivoli gardens
  • Toss a coin at the Trevi fountain in Rome
  • Swing like an ultimate Tarzan on the Tarzan Swing in Monteverde -Costa Rica.

Travel Costa Rica

  • Enjoy the exquisite views in the Yosemite National Park of USA
  • Watch the breath-taking sunset in Guatemala
  • Fall in love in Paris

Under sea travel

  • Dive in with the marine species at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
  • Plan a road trip through the great American road
  • Drive through the great ocean road