A luxurious spa is a place most commonly known for “the revitalization of mind, body and spirit”, or less commonly but more appropriately known for “bathing in money to rejuvenate your skin and life”. I poke fun at it because I’m a bitter person who could actually really use a pedicure, the shoe store clerks keep fainting on sight. After dealing with the bump and grind of life day after day, it’s nice to think of place where you don’t have to think of deadlines or faucets needing to be fixed.


Going to a place to just relax while someone massages away your worries is a thought many of us like to entertain, granted the knots in your back disappear simultaneously with the weight in your wallet, sometimes its okay to indulge and invest a little for yourself. So here is a list of few luxurious spas to escape your worries if you have the dough for it, or fantasize about it while your write your next report;


Mulia Spa, Nusa Dua, Bali



Because caviar facials are apparently a thing, what better way to feel like a million bucks than to smear fancy food on your face that probably cost about the same? There’s a digital sauna and an ice room, massages that border on a religious experience and a golf cart when you want to test your newly loosened muscles and well-oiled joints.


D-Hotel Maris’s Espa Luxurious, Turkey

2) D-Hotel Maris's Espa, Turkey Luxurious Spa


A luxurious resort with serene atmosphere and brow raising surroundings, the staff and service is just the Ganache on the Soufflé. One of the top treatments include a thorough sea salt scrub, a polite way to inform the guest to take a shower, which is followed by an oil massage to gently unravel the tensions in those muscles and then a smooth and warm sea-shell massage to knead the knots into submission.


Chedi Andermatt spa, Switzerland

3) Chedi Andermatt spa, Switzerland


The Chedi Andermatt spa in Switzerland embraces the idea of functionality of form over exaggerated extravagance, well as far as a spa can anyway. One of its basic functions is to look as fancy as possible. Other than making you feel like walking in luxurious end is your basic right, which I don’t disagree with, there are treatments using the highest quality products, multiple pools, a well-equipped gym and fitness classes you might even be motivated to join.


Shangri-La, Cebu, Philippines

4) Shangri-La, Cebu, Philippines Luxurious Spa


Above all else the sight of is a visual relaxant. The staff is amiable and welcoming and the treatments are curiously interesting and truly tropical, some of which include algae wrap, coffee bean scrub or even a banana leaf energy-balancing massage. If people get too much for you chi then you can spend some time exploring the marine sanctuary which is home to angelfish, clownfish and puffer fish. They won’t try to talk to you and are less likely to report you for staring, it’s perfect.


The Dhara Dhevi resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand

5) The Dhara Dhevi resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand


If it isn’t recognized as one the most architecturally beautiful resorts in the world I don’t know what’s wrong with people. The sprawling complex is adorned with ornate mouldings and sculptures portraying sacred animals and symbolic Buddhist designs, a trademark of Bangkok’s heritage. And when you’re done ogling the building enough to walk inside the treatment and service you get stay up to par. What you see really is what you get.