Now-a-days you know that Instagram is the most popular online mobile photo sharing and social networking service, it allows you to click pictures and instantly share them on social platform with everyone. In 2014, Instagram was most popular amongst the people, more than traveling, people are now more excited about clicking pictures and sharing them. Similarly, there were many destinations that were the most Instagrammed placed of the world, amongst which I will give you an overview of 5 top Instagrammed places of the World.


Disneyland – Anaheim




On # 1 is the well-known Disneyland, it is not only the most popular destination of the world but it was also the top most Instagrammed site of the world. It was on the list of top 10 geo-tagged locations of 2014 and ranked 1st amongst all. Disneyland has an increasing number of attendances than any other amusement park of the world with a rough estimate of 15 million visitors every year. Amongst the most visited parks of the world, in 2013 it ranked as the third one, from the day of its inauguration it had gone through various changes and alterations.



Dodger Stadium – Los Angeles




On the list of 5 top Instagrammed places of the world, Dodger Stadium of Los Angeles ranked at number 2. It was one of the most Photographed sites of 2014 and the stadium is the third oldest one amongst the Major league Baseball. It ranked at # 8 in 2013 but luckily it managed to be on the second number in 2014. It is also known as the third oldest Ballpark after the famous Fenway of Boston. It was opened in the year 1962 and the stadium also held the semifinals of the World Baseball Classic of 2009.



Times Square –  New York




The third top Instagrammed place of the world was the Times Square of New York. The most busy and bustling section of the Midtown Manhattan, having huge billboards around and thousands of people making the place most crowded one. The place is often known as The Cross roads of the World or the heart of the world. It has always been a most visited location amongst tourists as it attracts millions of people around the Globe. On a busiest day you will notice a massive crowd of around 460,000 people walking through the roads of Times Square that is why it was declared as the top most Instagrammed place of 2014.



Siam Paragon Shopping Mall – Bangkok




The Siam Paragon Shopping Mall of Bangkok has ranked number 4 on the list of most Instagrammed places of the world. The popular mall was opened in the year 2005 and in such short span of time it managed to be the one of the most Instagrammed place of the world. The mall has around 270 stores with a huge Aquarium, Bowling Alley and an Art gallery. The mall is the biggest shopping complex of Asia. You will also see an Opera concert hall and a Karaoke center.


Gorky Park – Russia




Built in the year 1928, the Gorky Park of Moscow was ranked # 5 on the list of the most Instagrammed places of the world. It was initially an amusement park but after many reconstructions some of the dangerous crumbling rides which were later on restructured into cafes, playground and a tennis court, one famous fact about the Gorky Park is that it was described in the Martin Cruz Smith’s novel The Gorky Park.