While traveling is fun, finding affordable flight tickets can be extremely time-consuming. No one enjoys getting lost in countless websites with fluctuating ticket prices nor does anyone enjoy surfing different search engines all in the hope of getting that much-needed affordable air ticket to their desired destination. In my experience, it is much wiser and time-saving to visit several different travel agency websites, especially the good renowned ones or if possible then visit their physical office to get your hands on better promotional packages and cheapest air tickets.


Why is finding cheap air tickets so tricky?

Lots of factors affect air ticket prices such as oil prices, socio-political situations and of course seasonal events that are most likely to increase air traffic which creates tons of competition among airlines. Or certain holidays can also cause a spike in air ticket prices. Of course, there are ways to get around this dilemma and with some advance planning, you can definitely walk away with your wallet not resenting you.


1. Patience and planning ahead is the key

Once upon a time, booking tickets last minute was all the rage as airlines were trying their hardest to sell their remaining seats at low prices but these days businessmen are willing to pay good money so that option is out. So now booking way ahead of time is the best option. The earlier you book tickets, the more you create room for flexibility in your schedule that is if you can afford to be flexible. I understand that sometimes you absolutely need to travel on a certain date which leaves room for changes. However, if you know the date you’re supposed to fly on then starting your search way before that time will benefit you. It is recommended that you book tickets around 6-7 weeks prior to your travel date. Looking up flight tickets around 3 months before your decided date will not only save you that last minute panic-inducing distress but it’ll also save you some money. Patience is key after all.


2. Go Incognito

It is wise to always search in incognito mode or in a private browser that allows you to keep personal data hidden. Another thing, which is also a useful life hack if you ask me, is to clear up your cache and then look up for air tickets to get rid of cookies influencing your search. This way you’re guaranteed to get the prices given by the travel agencies and airlines. I always make sure I take these easy steps when searching up for flight tickets, being the adventure-loving person that I am, so I can get cheaper air-tickets. It doesn’t always alter ticket prices but it’s worth a try nonetheless.


3. The cheapest days shall be your saving grace

It is widely agreed that Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays give you the best chance to book cheap air tickets, whereas Sunday is considered the most expensive day. In my personal experience, it is more likely to book cheaper flight tickets on these days than any other days. The most common reason is that business trips mostly take place on Monday or Friday which is why the rest of the days tend to have a slow day for airlines. As for Sunday, well some businessmen wish to arrive early for their work therefore if their original trip needs to be on Monday, then they’ll book a flight on Sunday, perhaps in hopes that they get low prices, to some extent at least. Unfortunately for all my readers traveling for business purposes, you’ll be stuck with one date with little room for flexibility.


4. Pack lightly

Most airlines charge you money for baggage that will be checked in and will charge you even further if your baggage happens to exceed the weight limit, so what you can do, is pack lightly to save that money. Besides the less luggage you have, the more hassle-free your trip will be. If you’re traveling with someone then try to convince them to share one suitcase with you to save as much money as possible. I suggest you invest in a good bag pack that meets the hand-carry luggage requirements yet is roomy enough to let you take your necessities along with you.


5. Keep updated with airlines and travel agencies

Another thing you can do to find good deals is to keep track of your favorite airline’s social media accounts or subscribe to your preferred travel agency’s newsletter. I always do that and mostly sometimes the delightfully cheap air ticket prices catch my eye which lets me go on yet another adventure but that’s a story for some other day. This will also allow you to compare prices without going to the trouble of making countless searches online. As stated above, I sincerely suggest that you stay on the lookout for any updates that suit you, around 3 months before the date you’re planning to travel.


6. Choose your credit card carefully

Keeping your love for traveling in mind, when you plan on getting a credit card check if it gives you any travel benefits. There are special travel credit cards that can give you points for every journey you make and eventually when you collect enough points you can avail their respective rewards. You can even use these cards to pay for your monthly expense to collect points much faster. The next opportunity you get, make a trip to your bank and discuss with them if they provide a traveler’s program so you can start collecting points as soon as possible.


7. Follow the simple 24-hour rule

Some airlines may allow you to cancel your flight 24 hours before departure time and give you a free refund as well. Try to choose an airline that does that and then stay on the look-out of air ticket prices. They do tend to fluctuate from time to time. If you do find a cheaper flight, simply cancel your current flight and book that one. This will allow you to find cheap flights in a safer manner as in case you don’t find anything cheaper than your current flight, at least you can still travel. It’s more of a fail-safe way to go about on your hunt for cheaper flight tickets. Be wary though because sometimes airlines might charge for canceling or if you pass the 24-hour window.