Copenhagen is one of the best cities in the world to keep on your bucket list and visit to check it off as soon as you can. Known for its historical sites, significant landmarks, out-of-the-world architecture, cultural museums, shopping malls, markets, gardens, and the most beautiful people in the world; Copenhagen never disappoints anyone. The Danish Capital is the cultural hub of Scandinavia, and due to its importance, it has a special place in Europe. Each year, Copenhagen is frequented by millions of tourists from all over the world. However, some people don’t know much about Copenhagen, and they miss some amazing things that are to be done and seen in this city. For this reason, I am going to offer some insight to all the travellers on 8 things they should never miss when visiting Copenhagen.

Copenhagen, Scandinavia, Denmark, Northern Europe, Peaceful city, beautiful city, capital city

Copenhagen – A miracle of North

Copenhagen has so much to offer to everyone that people who have different interests can find everything to satisfy themselves. They have the best shopping malls and markets for shopaholics, the best restaurants and food streets for all foodies, amazing museums and cultural sights for all history dwellers, and the best amusement park for kids and adventure seekers. It is definitely a city for everyone, no matter what you love to do and see. I guarantee you that you will fall in love with Copenhagen and will always want to return for more.

Copenhagen, Scandinavia, Denmark, Northern Europe, Peaceful city, beautiful city, capital city

Copenhagen is also known as the City of Spires. And why not? It has everything to be called that. It is loaded with landmarks that are the best in their regard. From the world’s oldest amusement parks to some of the biggest gardens in the world. It is also home to one of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in the world. Some destinations like Freetown of Christiania are so unique that a person will be amazed beyond their own imaginations. It surely is one of the most colorful, lively, and beautiful travel destinations in the world.

How to get to Copenhagen?

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Copenhagen has always been an easy city to reach. But as the tourism potential grew there, reaching there has even got easier. Located at the mouth of Scandinavia, this city is an ideal place to reach and it has been proven at any time in the history that controlling it played a lot in favor of any empire when it wanted to control Northern Europe. Today, the competition is so tough between all the parties involved in tourism that they have to offer discount deals and promotions to attract travellers. Dream World Travel is offering cheap flights to their customers, hotels offer discounted accommodation to their guests, transportation is an all-time low, and even restaurants have a discount policy. Even if you are visiting this city on very short notice, you can find cheap last-minute flights as well. So, take your time one of the best of your life when visiting Copenhagen and avail all the offers available on the card.

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8 things not to miss in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Scandinavia, Denmark, Northern Europe, Peaceful city, beautiful city, capital city, oresund bridge, baltic sea

Everyone knows about the main landmarks of Copenhagen such as Tivoli Gardens, the Statue of the Little Mermaid, Shopping in Stroget, the Zoo, etc. However, there are also lesser-known things to do and see in this beautiful city that I want you not to miss on your trip. So, the following are 8 things to do and see in Copenhagen that you shouldn’t miss. To find out about them and add them to your bucket list.

Wandering in the Freetown of Christiania

Considered a hippie society, the Freetown Christiania is an amazing place to wander and explore. People who live in this Autonomous district are free to do whatever they like without paying any taxes and availing of other things too. You need to find out for yourself what can you do there while visiting it. The only hint I can give you is that Christiania is completely independent of Denmark Government.

Wandering in the Freetown of Christiania, freetown, independent city in copenhagen, noma, restaurants,

This place is completely green, and driving a car is not permitted. There are many fine restaurants in this place, and I highly recommend you to find out more about them by visiting it. Also, there are some amazing things to do apart from only visiting this place such as finding eateries and free concerts. Getting lost there is surely one of the best things you can do on a Copenhagen tour.

Revisiting childhood by enjoying rides in Tivoli

Revisiting childhood by enjoying rides in Tivoli, tivoli gardens, tivoli amusement park

When you are paying a visit to Tivoli Gardens, you need to forget how old you are. You literally need to lose yourself in all the rides there and become a kid once again. Although some rides do need some inside convincing, and children should never attempt them without their parent’s consent, you really should try them. These rides, difficult or easy, will bring you to a state of happiness that everybody is missing in his or her life. Tivoli is also the second oldest amusing park, and one of the most important as Walt Disney got his inspiration to create Disneyland from it. So do visit it and revisit your childhood memories in a better and more awesome way.

Find your accommodation at Axel Guldsmeden

Axel Guldsmeden, Guldsmeden Hotel, Denmark, Copenhagen, Accommodation

Whenever you visit any city or a country, you need a place to crash at night. In the case of Copenhagen, I want you to stay at Axel Guldsmeden due to a different experience. This place is 100% eco-friendly, clean, comfortable, and amazingly reasonable. The overall experience at this place is beyond a five-star hotel expectation. However, it isn’t easy to find a room there and you have to book quite some time in advance. But trust me, staying there is totally worth all the hassle. Once you are at this place, it will be very hard to leave.

Drink your favorite cocktails at Lidkoeb

cocktails at Lidkoeb

Located in the famous district of Vesterbro, this neat and tidy café like bar is one of the best places in Scandinavia to enjoy your favorite drinks. This place is evergreen in making a fashion statement, and their cocktails are out of the world. I highly recommend you to try them out whenever you visit Copenhagen. This place is truly a pinnacle of drinks in the City of Spires. Apart from drinks, Lidkoeb also specializes in providing other amazing items, and they maintain a good menu for you to choose from. So, enjoy your brunch, lunch, supper, or dinner at this place and taste their heavenly cocktails.


Nyhavn, water front,

Nyhavn is undoubtedly one of the most famous spots in not only Copenhagen but in Scandinavia. Everyone visiting this city knows about it. However, they don’t know at what time they should visit this heavenly place to find it in its best form. I recommend you to come here in the late soon and spend time observing the setting sun till you see the last ray of light reflecting on the colorful buildings.

Visiting Paper Island, the first food street in Copenhagen

Visiting Paper Island, the first food street in Copenhagen, stroget

Paper Island, better known locally as Papirøen, is the first food street in Copenhagen. Located just across Nyhavn, this place is blessed with different food stalls and you can find delicate local and foreign foods. These food stalls can send you into another dimension with the taste of their food items. To further enhance your experience, I recommend you to visit this beautiful happy place on any cold day. Spend some time here and enjoy the street food this place has to offer.

Danish sweet dish

Danish sweet dish, Danish pastry, Kanelsnurrer, cinnamon whirl

Every person who has visited Denmark has a sweet tooth for Danish sweet dishes. There is not only one, but many sweet dishes originated in Denmark, and they are a must for you to eat. The Danish pastry is well known, along with Kanelsnurrer, which is a cinnamon whirl. There are other sweets and pastries sold all over Copenhagen, and they are a must for every tourist to try.

The David Collection

The David Collection, copenhagen museum, art collection, islamic collection, asian, private collection

The David Collection is a fine and applied arts museum in Copenhagen. There are so many interesting items and exhibits on display that can amaze you beyond your imagination. This museum displays the private collection of lawyer, businessman, and art collector C. L. David. This museum is special and unique as it displays Islamic art from the 18th and 19th-century. It also displays artifacts from the period of the Danish Golden Age. I highly recommend you to go there and explore the whole museum to learn about significant things on display.