We all love the time when Christmas is getting near, and the spirits are getting higher than ever. To place the toppings on this fact, I must remind you that time of year is near again. Christmas is just around the corner, and the best way to instill a tiny practice and enchantment into your holidays is by visiting the best Christmas markets in the world. So start your Christmas shopping for this year’s biggest shopping and enjoyment season and make the most of everything that is going to be available to you.

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Christmas 2021 – The best time of the year to do so many things

There are a lot of Christmas markets around the world that are set up so that people can buy their favorite stuff and gifts from them. Shoppers are also presented with numerous discounts, promotions, and deals for their ease and savings. So it is a win-win situation for everyone and people who don’t even celebrate this mega event still find something to buy for themselves and for their loved ones.

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But this doesn’t mean that you have to battle around a shopping mall in your hometown alongside thousands of other people. It also doesn’t mean that you sit in front of your computer or a laptop and shop all your way to the end of Boxing Day. The best thing you can do for yourself or your loved ones is that you plan a holiday at an amazing city or destination where you can not only enjoy Christmas festivities but also maximize your shopping experience in a Christmas market. So for this reason, I am going to present my readers with the 10 best Christmas markets at amazing destinations in the world. Read this blog post and plan your trip with dream world travel.

10 Best Christmas markets in the world

So before getting high on your Christmas spirit, you need to know about the top 10 best Christmas markets in different parts of the world so that you can plan your trip accordingly. Read on, Jingle all the way, and enjoy this year’s Christmas to the fullest.

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1. Tivoli, Copenhagen – Denmark

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The capital of Denmark has many markets at Christmas. But the one that leaves everything behind is set up at Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli Gardens is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, and it is a significant place in Denmark. People from all over the world visit it, and when it is Christmas time, it gets extra attention due to its Christmas market. The park is illuminated by hundreds and thousands of lights. It is also full of the smell of roasted almonds and other dry fruits.

To complement the setting, there is a lake in the center of the park which freezes in winters. So it provides a unique chance to go skating in that makeshift ice rink. There are different food stalls, clothes, gifts, shoes, souvenir shops, and much more available in the Christmas market. So if you want to visit a place and do some shopping to keep the Christmas spirit high, Copenhagen should be a fine choice.

2. Piata Mare, Sibiu – Romania

Perfectly set up between three beautiful mountain ranges of Romania in the medieval town of Sibiu, the Christmas market of Piata Mare is a great place to visit on this blessed occasion. Not only the location is beautiful beyond words, but this market also seems to be the best in winters with everything covered in snow. This natural décor provides a great theme for everyone, and people enjoy being carefree at this place. This town is also near to Transylvanian highlands, so it is also a potential tourist spot at that time of the year.

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You can plan a trip that will allow you to not only visit this Christmas market, but also the city of Sibiu along with other amazing attractions in Romania.

3. The Red Square, Moscow – Russia

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Nestled between the majestic St. Basil’s Basilica and Kremlin’s walls in the Russian capital of Moscow, the Red Square Market is a well-known place. At the time of Christmas, this place is swarming with amazing stalls that become a part of a Christmas makeshift market. They sell decoration items for Christmas, Souvenirs, toys, dolls, gifts, clothes, and other amazing items. You can also enjoy skating in the ice rink, along with playing games, eating food items, trying wines, and enjoying all the time you have. But Russians celebrate Christmas on 7th January due to the Russian Orthodox Christian beliefs, so keep that in mind and visit this place accordingly.

4. Christkindlmarkt, Salzburg – Austria

Salzburg’s Christmas market is an amazing place to be at this time of the year. This place is swarmed with tourists throughout the year, but at the time of Christmas, this place becomes extra special to be visited. There are more than 90 stalls in 6 different sections, and you can find food items, flowers, clothes, toys, ornaments, souvenirs, and other amazing things for yourself or your loved ones as gifts.

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There are also other amazing opportunities in this place apart from shopping, such as visiting significant landmarks, historical sites, cathedrals, churches, parks, and much more.

5. Old Town Square, Prague – Czech Republic

Christmas spirits are on another level in the capital city of Prague. The Old Town Square transforms into one of the best Christmas markets in Europe with amazing stalls, Christmas trees, gift shops, and other games.

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It is indeed a must-visit place if you are looking for some shopping plus fun on this year’s Christmas. There are a lot of treats available in this market, and you can also visit different beautiful sites of this city nearby.

6. Albert Square, Manchester – United Kingdom

The people of Great Britain are always one or two steps ahead of any other country when it comes to celebrating Christmas. They decorate their houses, pubs, offices, workplace, streets, and even roads to take their Christmas spirit higher. Albert Square is known all over the United Kingdom for its celebrations, and it becomes a place to be in Manchester.

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There are a lot of markets in this place such as the French Market, German Market, World Market, and other sections as well. You can buy gifts, clothes, souvenirs, food items, and much more from this place. So enjoy every second you spend here and make the most of it.

7. Christkindlesmarkt, Nuremberg – Germany

This market was first established for Christmas back in the 17th century. Today, it is one of the oldest Christmas markets in the world, which makes it a special place to be at this time of the year.

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You can watch a light show, as well as enjoy buying food items, clothes, gifts, and much more. You can spice it up by celebrating Christmas there and drinking all the drinks you can find in this market.

8. San Gregorio Armeno Street, Naples – Italy

San Gregorio Armeno Street in Naples comes truly alive at the time of Christmas. This place becomes a vivid place to enjoy your time with your loved ones, and buy gifts for each other. You can also dine in the perfect setting and atmosphere, and take all the memories back home.

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There are so many things about arts and sculptures that can amaze you beyond any description of words. So plan a Christmas trip to Italy and visit Naples for this market.

9. Viennese Christmas Market, Vienna – Austria

Just like Great Britain, Austria also celebrates Christmas to the fullest of its spirits. Viennese Christmas Market is one of the old best Christmas markets in the world, and it is amazing people since the late 13th century.

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This place organizes more than 20 events, and you can find more than 150 stalls, gift shops, food stalls, and much more. There is also a huge ice-rink in the center of this market. So visit this place and have fun to the fullest.

10. Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park, New York City – United States of America

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Bank of America Winter Village market is an infamous Christmas market in New York City. From jewelry items to clothes, food items and drinks, you can find anything there. As it is located in a parking space, there is a lot to do and see in this market. You can also meet elves and Santa there, so if you are traveling with kids, it will be an amazing surprise for them.