We all love the time when Christmas is getting near, and the spirits are getting higher than ever. In the United Kingdom, people are overjoyed with excitement and fun when Christmas is getting closer day by day. To place the toppings on this fact, I must remind you that time of year is near again. Christmas 2019 is just around the corner, and the best way to instil a tiny practice and enchantment into your holidays is by visiting the best Christmas festivals in UK and a market to explore and shop gifts. So start your Christmas errands for this year’s biggest shopping and enjoyment season and make the most of everything that is going to be available to you.

best Christmas festivals in UK

Christmas 2019 – The best time of the year to do so many things

There are a lot of Christmas markets around in England and other parts of the United Kingdom that are set up so that people can buy their favourite stuff and gifts from them. Shoppers are also presented with numerous discounts, promotions, and deals for their ease and savings. So it is a win-win situation for everyone and people who don’t even celebrate this mega event still find something to buy for themselves and for their loved ones. Everyone is happy and their spirits are on the cloud nine. New Year celebrations are also added up to this amazing event, which makes it even more special.

best Christmas festivals in UK

But this doesn’t mean that you have to battle around a shopping mall in your hometown alongside thousands of other people. It also doesn’t mean that you sit in front of your computer or a laptop and shop all your way to the end of Boxing Day. The best thing you can do for yourself or your loved ones is that you plan a holiday in any city in the UK where you can attend and enjoy Christmas festivals along with some amazing shopping experience in a well-known Christmas market. So for this reason, I am going to present my readers with best Christmas markets in the UK 2019.

Best Christmas Markets in the UK 2019

best Christmas festivals in UK

Merry Christmas is on its merry way in 2019, and people are counting days until they are blessed with its festivities once again. Festive markets are going to open their doors to everyone irrespective of religions, customs, and beliefs. Following are some amazing markets in the UK to find the best toys, gifts, ice rinks, wine, and etcetera. Read on, and enjoy this time to the fullest.

1. Birmingham

best Christmas festivals in UK

The doors to the famous Birmingham Christmas market open from 15th of November, and runs all the way to 23rd of December. This city of England has the largest genuine German Market in Europe outside of Germany and Austria. Last year, more than 5 million people visited it, which is undeniable one of the largest gathering of shoppers in the world. There were only 24 stalls in 2001, but only last year the number of shops and stalls increased up to 180 to offer goods to everyone now. The market will set up at different places covering Victoria Square, New Street, and Centenary Square.

You can find a lot of items here, from Christmas decoration items to handicraft items such as jewellery, wooden toys, beer, sausages, pretzels, soaps, candles, artisans and other imported goods. Be there in those dates and enjoy the best time of your life shopping for Christmas.

2. Glasgow

best Christmas festivals in UK

Christmas spirits are really high in this city of Scotland. It is one of the best places to be for shopping for some Christmas goods. Some of the best features of the Glasgow Christmas market includes shopping of fashion items, eateries, entertaining programs and functions, festivals, and other amazing things to do and see. The city is in full mood to entertain everyone with amazing lights and events all over.

The market offers amazing goods, crafts, colourful stalls, artisan products, and other amazing gift items in the best prices possible. So you will never leave empty-handed too.

3. Bath

best Christmas festivals in UK

Bath is third on this list of Christmas Markets in the UK. However, it is regularly voted as the most popular markets and event place in the UK at the time of Christmas, and one of the biggest and best places to go for shopping. It consists of more than 170 beautifully designed and decorated wooden cabins in the centre of Bath’s a World Heritage Site.

This year is going to be even better as there will be many new and thrilling stalls. In keeping with Bath Christmas Market’s custom of being characteristically British, each cabin will offer a selection of high-quality handmade products. Other than that, you can also find gift items, decoration items, souvenirs, Christmas lights, fashion apparel, electronic items, food items, and etcetera. Be there and have a blast on this year’s Christmas.

4. Manchester

best Christmas festivals in UK

The Manchester Christmas market is known as the biggest and genuine market in the UK. It is an ideal place to be to shop Christmas goods and find other products as well. Each year, more than 300 stalls and shops offer amazing products to all the happy shoppers as well as some amazing mouth-watering food items. This shopping place has everything in its store in every price range, and a shopper will always return a happy person from this festival.

Each year, this market introduces something new to amaze and entertain its customers. To keep in with this tradition, the market will introduce a designated family site for the first time with amazing rides, entertainment shops, LED light performance, magicians, and theatres. This city cannot stop to provide fun in days around Christmas, so be there and have a blast.

5. Leeds

best Christmas festivals in UK

The annual Christmas market in Leeds is also known as Christkindlmarkt. Visiting Leeds in this time of year is an amazing thing to do and worth your time. There are many stalls to visit, with many items to purchase, amazing things to see and do. It is one of the most authentic German Christmas markets in the United Kingdom. The whole Millennium Square transforms into an enormous winter village with different crafts and food items on display and offered to everyone.

6. London

best Christmas festivals in UK

There is multiple Christmas market in the alpha megacity of London. But the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is the most amazing place to be on every Christmas for air tickets prefer Dream World Travel as it is rate amongs the secure travel agencies in London. This market has free entrance and some amazing shows taking place all over. It has become more entertaining over the years and there is something for everyone.

There are more than 200 cabins to shop your desired items such as gifts, crafts, jewellery, candles, toys, souvenirs, and etc. You can also find some amazing rides, entertainment, and food stalls to satisfy your entertainment appetite.

7. Nottingham

best Christmas festivals in UK

Nottingham Winter Paradise not only have a dependable Christmas market with a profusion of cabins and stalls but some really decent things to do and see too. There are many amazing things to purchase, as well as a giant ice rink to skate and enjoy the best time of your life. There are some other rides as well in the city market for you to take. You can also buy food items and drinks to further enhance your experience.

8. York

best Christmas festivals in UK

That time of the year is near when the city of York will be decorated with beautiful lights covering every main road, alley, boulevard and famous buildings and squares. This city has plenty to offer to everyone, so head to York this Christmas and enjoy an amazing time shopping all over the city and in its Christmas market.

9. Liverpool

best Christmas festivals in UK

The Liverpool Christmas Market will return to this city for another year in December. There will be festivities, themed stalls, food items, drinks, and other amazing forms of entertainments. You can also indulge yourself in shopping too. Buy amazing handicraft items, gifts, souvenirs, electronic items, decoration items, and etcetera.

10. Newcastle

best Christmas festivals in UK

The Christmas Market of Newcastle city is one of the best places in Great Britain to be at the time of Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year. It incorporates a farmers market from 5th December so that local producers can sell their products and different sweets and dairy items can be made in time for Christmas. This market is the best place to purchase gifts, souvenirs, jewellery items, cakes, locally brewed beers, pottery and other amazing items. Visit Newcastle and find your required items in this market to make your Christmas extra special.