New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and in no time we will see a new dawn of 2020 upon us. We all hope this New Year will bring more luck, happiness, and other good things with itself. The holiday season has just begun and we will be discussing only the best holiday destinations for New Year’s Eve all around the world. We want you to go into 2020 with a new spirit at a place where nothing is worrying you and you are surrounded by people you love and care about. You can spend New Year Eve in London 2020, or at a beach resort in Far East Asia, or even in the mountains of Europe or South Asia. We just want the best for our esteemed readers. So read about the following destinations and enjoy an amazing holiday season and a very happy New Year 2020.

New Year Eve in London 2020

Best holiday destinations for New Year’s Eve

1. New Zealand

The first Sun of every New Year rises in New Zealand, and to see it is a thing that one must do before he or she dies. Located literally in one of the remotest corners of the world, New Zealand is an astounding place which is not only peaceful but also one of the most beautiful and dynamic countries on Earth. The diversity in landscape results in diverse flora and fauna, which makes it an exceptional destination. The fact that it is in the extreme south makes it an ideal place in fall holidays as it is summers. Plan your trip to New Zealand and enjoy all the exclusives this country has to offer.

New Year Eve in London 2020 New-Zealand

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2. Pakistan

New Year Eve in London 2020 Pakistan

Pakistan is ranked on number one by an American travel magazine Condé Nast for tourism in 2020. We recommend you to visit it on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the year’s opening in this highly rated country which is opening its doors to all kinds of tourism to the world. There are many hill stations, warm beaches, snowboarding and skiing resorts, deserts, and other amazing places to explore. In the summertime, you can visit high altitude treks, passes, valleys, and an amazing landscape. Make Pakistan your next destination, and it will be even better if you visit it to enjoy New Year’s Eve. Spend the best time of your life and enjoy every moment you spend there.

3. Hawaii – United States of America

New Year Eve in London 2020 USA

Most of the people living above the equator line especially the ones living in Europe and North America prefer spending their winters in a tropical climate on a sunny white sand beach. The state of Hawaii is a perfect location in the United States of America to spend your New Year’s Eve. It has some amazing beaches, tropical climate and culture, beautiful forests and cities, and if you want to taste some winter chills, the summit hike of Mauna Kea is a perfect place to head to. Hawaii is also a great place to watch the last sunset of 2019 due to its time zone difference with other places.

4. Cappadocia – Turkey

New Year Eve in London 2020 Turkey

Turkey is generally quite cold during New Year, but due to the celebrations held all over the country makes Cappadocia a perfect place for many people. Cappadocia offers a perfect escape to witness the last sunset and a new sunrise of the Happy New Year. Imagine yourself witnessing nature’s amazing phenomenon from a hot air balloon, or from a cliff-like balcony eating your breakfast. The feelings will be even better if you have your partner to share those wonderful moments with.

5. Torres Del Paine National Park – Chile

New Year Eve in London 2020 Chile

Torres Del Paine is an exceptional national park and biodiversity reserve on this planet located in the Chilean Patagonia. It is a perfect place to head to if you love trekking and hiking and spending your New Year’s Eve under five billion stars of Torres Del Paine. It has some of the most beautiful glacial lakes, as well as diverse flora and fauna. The peaks in this region are known for their extreme beauty. So make Torres Del Paine your destination of New Year’s Eve.

6. Iguazu Falls – Argentina

New Year Eve in London 2020 Argentina

If you want to start the next year in the most beautiful fashion, head to Iguazu Falls in Argentina. Iguazu Falls is a group of waterfalls and are undeniably one of the most beautiful and surreal locations in the World. Situated on the Argentinian side of the border with Brazil, this amazing natural marvel is hard to believe when seen in pictures. So I recommend you to go there and see it with your own eyes.

7. Maldives

New Year Eve in London 2020 Maldives

The Maldives is an amazing country to head to if you fancy a holiday on a private beach. This country is situated in the Indian Ocean and is always perfect in the months of December and January. It is also a perfect honeymoon destination. So for all the people getting married before 2020, we highly recommend them to go there.

8. Iceland

New Year Eve in London 2020 Iceland

Iceland is located in the north of Scandinavia, just south-east of Greenland. The land of snow and fire is truly an amazing place to be when you are thinking about celebrating New Year’s Eve. With amazing geography and diversity in landscape, you are guaranteed to have an awesome time. The best feature of this country is that you can observe the exceptional phenomenon of Aurora Borealis, the infamous Northern Lights. What more excuses do you need? Book your trip now to Iceland. It will be cold, so pack up accordingly.

9. Madagascar


New Year Eve in London 2020 Madagascar

Madagascar is an island nation in the continent of Africa off the coast of Mozambique. The world’s second-largest island country is famous for its amazing landscape, diverse culture, and a dynamic flora and fauna. There are beautiful jungles and national parks and nature reserve for you to explore, along with amazing beaches and other activities to do.

10. Havana – Cuba

New Year Eve in London 2020 Cuba

Havana, is the capital city of Cuba and an epicentre of culture in Central America. It is also the heart of the Caribbean, which is why it is visited by millions of people from all over the globe. With white sand beaches and artistic buildings, you will never be bored there. There are also many other places to visit in and around Havana, along with some amazing things to do in Havana especially around the time of New Year.

11. Thailand

New Year Eve in London 2020 Thailand

Thailand is always here and there on almost every top destination article. This place is absolutely jaw-dropping and undeniably beautiful. There are no second thoughts when we say that it has some of the most beautiful islands and beaches in the world. From hill stations of the Chiang Mai to the busy nightlife of Bangkok, and some of the best beaches in the south, Thailand is a top contender for your New Year’s Eve destination.

12. Southwest National Park, Tasmania – Australia

New Year Eve in London 2020 Australia

Southwest National Park is one of the most beautiful and inimitable national parks in this world. Situated on the isle of Tasmania, near the state capital city of Hobart, this park entices a lot of tourists. The perfect time to visit Australia is when the New Year is just around the corner. There are some exclusive classes of flora and fauna living in the park grounds. Observe every little unique thing that you can find there and enjoy your time.

13. Germany

New Year Eve in London 2020 Germany

Germany is the mecca of Europe’s vacation industry, and 2019 was a busy year for this country. Each year, millions of tourists from all over the world visit this country. The New Year’s Eve is always going to be cold but the celebrations are always going to make it warm. Germany has different ski resorts, mountains to climb, artistic cities, historical landmarks, museums, exotic nightlife scene, and much more.