Let’s tour around to the best mountains of the world.


Mount Everest


Mount Everest-min


Starting with the famous Mount Everest, which is situated in Nepal, it is known as World’s highest and the best mountain of the world. The peak of this mountain is 8,848m. Mount Everest is a major attraction even to the most experience mountaineers; it is a dream for them to climb the highest peak of it. There are two routes for climbing Everest Mountain, no matter how huge and magnificent the Everest is, the climate and weather up there can easily make you sick. It is now restricted by the tourism minister that whoever is experienced of climbing such heights will only be given permission to hike Mount Everest and they cannot allow everyone to climb and die.






The Matterhorn is the second most famous and one of the best mountains of the world. It is a gigantic pyramid shaped mountain and is known as the king of all mountains in Europe or sometimes called as Mountain of all Mountains. The Matterhorn Mountain is utilized by the people of Zermatt to celebrate many events and occasions. It has now become a famous landmark of Switzerland. It is a major attraction for the mountaineers and even for the sightseeing lovers just to enjoy the views from the site.


Table Mountain


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Overlooking the city of Cape Town, the Table Mountain has become a famous landmark and a popular symbol of it. Majority of the people use cable car ways or the hiking option to explore the magnificent mountain, it has popularly become a major attraction for tourists now a days. Not only for locals, but for travelers from all over the world, the table mountain hides many surprises and beautiful scenic attractions for hikers especially.  On the foot of the Table Mountain you can see the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, however, the mountain was chosen as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. The part of the mountain forms the Table Mountain National Park.






Also known as the Savage Mountain, K2 is not anything unknown to you of course, what makes it one of the best mountains of the world and the second highest after the great Mount Everest is its stunning look and scenic beauty along with its height that reaches 8,611m. Located at the border of China and Pakistan, it is very difficult to reach the highest peak of K2 especially from the side of China that is why most attempts are made from Pakistan side to climb up the peak of K2. There are numerous routes for climbing the heights of K2 but they are equally impossible too.


Mountains of Banff


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The Banff Mountains are located at the famous Banff National Park which is the oldest national park of North America. Discovered in 1885, The Banff Mountains reaches to the heights of 3,618m, it has altered into many shapes due to the compositions of deposited rock, structures and layers. The great mountains have been added to the list of UNESCO world Heritage site. Unofficially, the Mountains of Banff are called as Matterhorn of North America. Since 1996, the area has experienced more than 4000,000 visitors annually that make it the most popular and one of the best mountains of the world.


Mount Kailash


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Mount Kailash reaches from the peak of Kailash range, lying from the famous rivers of Asia, the Indus and Sutlej Rivers. The interesting fact about Kailash is that it dominates total five religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Ayyavazhi, Jainism and the Bon. The Hindus every year route towards the Kailash Mountain in honor of their Lord Krishna having their own belief. The height of the mountain is 6,638m that makes it one of the momentous and notable peaks of the world. Unfortunately, the mountain is least visited and not even climbed by any mountaineer as they don’t consider it safe.  The weather around Kailash is mostly cold which can be a big hustle for the climbers. However, still the great Mount of Kailash managed to be one of the best mountains of the world.