Located in the northern frontier of Scandinavia on the Jutland Peninsula and several islands, Denmark is one of the best countries for tourism. The capital of this country is Copenhagen, which is a renowned tourist hotspot and home to some of the vivid people, culture, festivals, royal palaces, monuments, and relics from the past. There are also some other amazing cities and destinations in Dane land for all the travellers to visit and see along with some amazing things to do. So, plan your trip to Denmark and see all these places.

The best time to visit Denmark

The best time to visit Denmark

Denmark is located closer to the North Pole, which makes its winters very cold, with a seasonal temperate climate and mild to warm summers. Summers start in May and ends in August. This time is perfect for visiting Copenhagen, and other cities as well. These 3, 4 months are also perfect to visit as many festivals are celebrated on different days around this time. We will not recommend our readers to visit Denmark in winter and even in the fall season if you are travelling from a warmer region. But if cold doesn’t bother you, winters are picture-perfect to enjoy especially at the time of Christmas and New Year.

How can you visit Denmark?

In the old days, visiting Denmark was a challenge for every traveller. The North Sea is unforgiving with strong winds and tides, and the route from the land had its own challenges. But today, it has become quite easy for everyone due to air travel. You can visit Copenhagen, Denmark by simply catching a flight from the nearest airport. Almost every major airline flies regularly to the Danish capital. However, this country is also known for being super expensive and you can expect your pocket to struggle to meet the cost of your trip. But the places still do justice with the price due to their unparalleled beauty, the cultural and historical significance of different places.

How can you visit Denmark?

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Places of interest in Denmark

Following are some of the places of interest that we want our readers to visit in Denmark. Find out about these places and do visit them to make your trip a memorable one.

Tivoli Garden

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Tivoli Garden is like a jewel destination in Denmark. Located in the capital city of Copenhagen, it is one of the oldest amusement parks in the whole world. This place inspired Walt Disney to make Disneyland. Today, Tivoli is visited by a hundred thousand people each year. This place is highly recommended for every traveller to visit.


Nyhavn, visit Nyhavn, Nyhavn photo, Nyhavn photography, Nyhavn 2021, Nyhavn Copenhagen

Nyhavn is a picturesque 17th-century waterfront in Copenhagen. This place is beautiful in its own way. With colourful wooden buildings on the edge of the canals and boats lining up, this place has no parallel in the whole world. There are many cafés in this area where you can relax and eat your supper.

Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg, Christiansborg Palace, visit Christiansborg Palace, christiansborg palace tower, christiansborg palace tour

Christiansborg Palace is a royal palace in Copenhagen, Denmark. This place offers a perfect and opulent royal palace where royalties used to live. This place is beautiful and unique in its own right, and we recommend you to visit it on your Danish trip.

The Round Tower

The Round Tower, visit The Round Tower, The Round Tower 2021, The Round Tower photo, The Round Tower photography,

The Round Tower is a 17th Century tower with an observatory from where you can see most parts of Copenhagen. This place was once used as an observatory to keep an eye on the whole city.


Strøget, visit Strøget, Strøget photo, Strøge shopping street, Best Shopping in Copenhagen, Strøge  shops

Strøget is the longest pedestrian shopping boulevard in Europe, and one of the best places to look for your desired items. You can enjoy the first-hand experience of shopping for some souvenirs, gifts, brands, and other amazing items from this street.

Frederiksborg Castle

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Frederiksborg Castle is a former home of Danish Monarch and a Flourishing National History Museum. In order to learn a bit about the Nordic past and Danish history, you need to visit this Castle.

Frederik’s Church

Frederik’s Church, Frederik’s Church palace, visit Frederik’s Church, Frederik’s Church photo 2021, Marble Church

Frederik’s Church is a beautiful marble structure that is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the focal point of Frederiksstaden quarter; which is located west of Amalienborg Palace.

Viking Ship Museum Roskilde

Viking Ship Museum Roskilde, visit Viking Ship Museum Roskilde, Viking Ship Museum Roskilde photo, Roskilde Viking Ship Museum, viking ship museum virtual tour

We all are amazed by the Viking’s history, and especially their naval power. Viking Ships have a great historical association as legendary boats that were used to terrorize European seas and rivers with countless raids. Today, this Viking Ship Museum houses a ship from the old Viking era. You can see this ship first-hand and be amazed at its utter beauty.

Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo, Copenhagen Zoo photo, Tickets Copenhagen ZOO

Copenhagen Zoo is home to some amazing animals from all over the world. See them all in one place and enjoy an amazing time at this zoo.

Møns Klint

Møns Klint, visit Møns Klint, Møns Klint photo, møns klint camping, amazing møns klint

Møns Klint is a cluster of chalk cliffs along the eastern coast of Denmark’s Isle of Møn in the Baltic Sea. These cliffs run for 6 kilometres on the shore and some of them have a huge fall of around 120 metres to the sea below. They are extremely beautiful and should be explored when visiting Denmark.

Rabjerg Mile

Rabjerg Mile, visit Rabjerg Mile, Rabjerg Mile photo, Rabjerg Mile hiking

Rabjerg Mile is a unique phenomenon of nature that is located between Skagen and Frederikshavn. This is a coastal migrating dune and the largest of its kind in Northern Europe spread over 2 km² and reaches at the height of 40 metres above sea level. This place is a great sight to behold for every traveller.


Himmelbjerget. visit Himmelbjerget, Himmelbjerget photo, Himmelbjerget tour, Himmelbjerget

Himmelbjerget is a hill situated between Ry and Silkeborg in Denmark. With an elevation of 147 metres, this hill is one of the highest natural points in Denmark. Apart from its height, this place is astonishingly beautiful, which is why we recommend you to visit it. There is also a towering monument in the vicinity which is worth visiting.