Karachi is a beta-global city and officially the fifth most populous city in the world. It was the capital of Pakistan in the 1950s, but today is it the financial hub of the country and the capital city of the province of Sindh. Home to almost 20 million people belonging to different regions of Pakistan and South Asia, Karachi creates a biodiverse environment that has no parallel in the world. With such an assorted setting comes a dynamic culture and traditions that further result in creating an aroma around the food industry of Karachi. We can safely assume that there is no better place in Pakistan that offers so much variety and taste as this city does.

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The diversity in customs and traditions

The food scenes are so epic in Karachi that you can find a dedicated food street after every mile or two. The best part is that every food street has its own speciality and those restaurants are renowned all over Pakistan for it. Such eating places have influenced the food industry all over the world, and today people visit Karachi to try all the unique and amazing dishes available at different restaurants. This city and its people are so much into food that you can find dishes that are tastier than they are now found in the city or place of their origin. For instance, a traditional Punjabi dish of nihari available in Karachi is way better than it is available in any Punjabi city. This is due to the fact that many cooks and specialists have now found work in Karachi restaurants due to better pay and other opportunities.

The diversity in customs and traditions

So, plan a trip to the city of lights and find the best food items that satisfy your taste buds to an extreme level. Visit Karachi, Pakistan and do dine in the following restaurant and eateries in order to feed your food cravings to the fullest. And if you are looking for some discounts on your trip, book cheap flights to this city of lights and save a lot on accommodation by booking with Dream World Travel. We can also offer top holiday packages from Karachi and other parts of Pakistan.

Best places in Karachi to eat

Start your food adventure in this beautiful city by visiting all the following eateries and restaurants in Karachi.

Food Centre

Food Centre is the premium biryani centre of Karachi which has now grown from one small into a 3 big restaurant franchise. Biryani is like the national dish of Karachi, and people love to eat it on a daily basis. This traditional rice dish is now made into many types and there are now more than 10 kinds of biryanis found in Karachi at different places. However, Food Centre has got amazing recognition for its unique taste, quality, and quantity, which is why it has grown into a great eatery in Karachi. Although good biryani can be found in all areas of Karachi, Food Centre is believed to carry its quality and quantity with passing time. They also offer other food items, but biryani is their speciality.

The Pakistani Restaurant

The Pakistani Restaurant is an elite place to dine in. Located in the Mövenpick Hotel, Karachi, this place offers all traditional cuisines of Pakistan with a cultural ambience. The atmosphere is luxurious and the decoration is colourful. You can choose between the traditional floor seating and tables. There is also a traditional singer, and a live kitchen serving freshly baked bread.

Frontier Karahi

Just like biryani, Karachiites also love Karrahi dish. It is a traditional dish of meat and gravy made with unique recipes. Frontier is one of the best Karrahi joints in Karachi where you can find different types of Karrahi and Handi dishes made with extremely tasty recipes. This place is a super-duper hit with Karachiites and we highly recommend you to go there. You should also try its Kasturi chicken cheese bites. Yeah, even talking about it is mouth-watering, imagine what it will be like to go there and eat. Boat Basin is a kind of food street in Clifton, a high-end area of Karachi, but all the eateries here are quite within the budget. Enjoy your food at this place.


Kababjees is an evening and night joint known for its astoundingly cosy environment and cuisines. You can find delicious, out of the world barbecue items, desi cuisines such as Karahi, and some other amazing dishes to eat. The best thing about this place is its unique setting on the edge of the Arabian Sea. Do reserve your table in advance as it is always overbooked. In no time, Kababjees become a renowned joint in Karachi, which made them open up multiple restaurants all over the city. Every place has its unique ambience and aura, but the taste remains a standard everywhere.

Javed Nehari

Nehari is one of the most favourite dishes of Pakistanis. Originally a Punjabi cuisine, the best Nehari is now cooked and served in the city of Karachi as the traditional cooks and chefs are now working in this city to capitalise on amazing opportunities. Javed Nihari is one of the best places to dine and enjoy your Nehari. This unique dish is made from meat and gravy, and it works magic in your mouth if there is a salad serving as well. They also offer other food items, but Nihari is their main product and certainly the best in the country.

Prem Galli in University of Karachi

There are a lot of casual food items that can be found in the canteen area of the University of Karachi, which is known as Prem Galli, or the love alley. You can make love to food items like Gol Gappay, chat, samosas, meat rolls, French fries, and natural fruit drinks. This place is also known for its low prices, and out of the world taste. Even if you are not a student, they will serve you with the same pleasure.

Balochistan Sajji

Sajji is traditional Balochi cuisine that is made from chicken. This dish is made by professional experts at Balochistan Sajji House in Karachi, and trust me when I say you will never enjoy chicken as much as you will be dining there. Enjoy the dried meat in the traditional way and make the most of it by licking your fingers.

Karachi Haleem

Haleem is a traditional dish of the subcontinent. It is made by adding all types of pulses together with the meat in an ideal ratio and cooked at a certain temperature. Karachi Haleem is one of the best joints in Karachi where you can sit and enjoy delicate Haleem. Although Haleem is also available in almost every part of the city, Karachi Haleem offers a great place to dine in, along with other variety of food items to eat.

Ghousia Silver Spoon Chargha

Chargha is a traditional deep-fried dish of Punjab made from chicken. It is one of the in-demand dishes that is loved by every Karachiites. Ghousia Chargha is one of the best joints in this city where you can enjoy an amazing Chargha dish with your friends, family or even alone. They make this dish in the machine, rather than frying the chicken in hot oils. In this way, the spices are served in a way that touches every part of your tastebuds. Their parathas are also great in taste and are not at all oily.


Dynasty is an ultimate Chinese cuisine joint in Karachi where you can find delicate and traditional Chinese dishes. Although there are many Chinese joints in Karachi where you can find delicious dishes, Dynasty is highly rated by customers which is why it is included in this list. The environment, Chinese theme, service, quality, and taste are out of the roof.

Miyako Pan Asian

If you are in Karachi and craving some sushi, I have just the place for you to go. The place is Miyako, a renowned Pan Asian high-end joint that offers some of the best sushi and other Japanese cuisines. Check their menu and fill your taste buds with amazing Japanese cuisines with a slight desi touch. They also offer other great items for you to try.

SIAM Express

SIAM Express is a leading food joint in Karachi that excels in providing top-notch and tasty Thai food. The diversity in this city helps business ventures to seek and capitalise on such opportunities and provide delicate foreign dishes, which in this case is Thai food. Siam Express has the best Thai food on its menu with an equally good environment and quality of serving.

Delhi Rabri

Rabri is a traditional Indian sweet dish that is made from condensed milk. You have to taste it and trust me you will definitely want a refill. Delhi Rabri House is a great place to try this sweet traditional Indian dessert. It is far better than all those super expensive ice creams and desserts and Karachiites love it.

Café Piyala

Tea is the national drink of Pakistan, and why shouldn’t it be? It is the most refreshing drink one can enjoy, and even better when you are with friends sitting at a Dhaba sipping freshness and getting social. Café Piyala is one of the best and oldest Dhaba in Karachi where you can drink tea and have some fun with friends. You can also go there with your family, sit in your car, and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

Rashid Bangali Kemari

If you are craving freshly caught fish, Rashid Bangali in Kemari is the place for you to go. You can find fried fish, prawns, finger fish, along with other seafood items and everything is delicious beyond you can imagine right now. Taste is always guaranteed with your personal satisfaction. Located near the Karachi port, this place offers some great views of huge ships lined in the port. If you visit this place in winter, your fun will be doubled.

Panwaari Bahadurabad

Panwaari is a pan house in Bahadurabad that sells some of the tastiest pans you can find in the South Asian subcontinent. You can eat a gold pan, or a fire pan, which is literally on fire. This place is renowned all over the world for its unique pans, which is why I highly recommend it to my readers.

Ice Berg Ice Cream

Ice Berg Ice Cream Parlour is a premium ice cream shop in Karachi. It offers passionate and innovative ice creams made from only the best recipes. This place also offers ice cakes of different flavours. Along with other desserts. Their Sicilian Flavour is my favourite, but I highly recommend you to try others as well.

Shakeel Bun kebab

Located on the famous Burns Road of Karachi, a renowned food street, Shakeel Bun Kebab is the ultimate place to enjoy bun kebabs and friend kebabs. There are different varieties of bun kebabs available, along with other tasty food items. The whole street is closed for traffic when the sun sets into the Arabian Sea, and it gets full of food lovers from different parts of the city of lights.

Baithak Boat Basin

Baithak at Boat Basin is one fine place to enjoy breakfast with your friends. You can eat halwa puri, cheese paratha with different flavours, have a cup of tea, and enjoy other food items available at night. They also offer heavy breakfast items like payee and nihari, so if you have a stomach for it, do try them as well. Boat Basin is another renowned food street in Karachi. There are a lot of options to dine in or dine out, but Baithak has a better taste than its competitors.

Cloud Naan

Cloud Naan is the ultimate place to eat naan or local wheat bread that is filled with yummy cheese. There are many flavours and types of naans available, which is why we recommend you to check their menu first before ordering. But it is a unique food item to eat, and you will surely love it.

Angus Steakhouse

There are many steak houses in Karachi, but Angus Steakhouse is one of the best places to find big, juicy, nasty, and tasty steaks in this city. Dine at Angus Steakhouse and have an experience of a lifetime. Their food items are highly rated, which is why I recommend them to everyone despite so many options available in Karachi.