Out of the blue, you decide to travel and come up with a list of attractions for sight-seeing. Since you made last minute flight bookings, the employees of check-in airline give you the list of seats available at the time; all of them are terrible and you have no choice but to select from one of them. If you’re a first-time traveller or have recently become a frequent business traveller, then preparation is important in order to have a satisfying journey.


Depending on people’s preferences, there are some choices to pick within the economy class.


It is a great choice for those who wish to leave early, move around and stretch their legs without disturbing other seatmates. This is also a good pick for when you have to go to the loo when you have hydrated yourself plenty of times. The drawback to this seat can be people climbing over you to go to the loo and not getting the outside view.


If you are the recluse type who wishes to not chat and just enjoy the sunlight and a nice view, then this seat should be picked. This seat gives you wall support for sleep so that your head does not move too much. The downside to this is that you’ll have to climb over your seatmates when you have to go the bathroom. Keep in mind, that this becomes useless if your flight is during the night.


Row near the Exit and Back

Here you may receive the benefit of getting more legroom but with no reclining available. Being way behind in the plane, you’ll also be served last during meal time which means you’ll only get the things that other passengers refused to pick. Another thing which is beyond one’s control is the sound of the engine being the lowest in the back seats.

Near the Bulkhead

While it may be tempting to pick it since it is closest to the bathroom, it will be the noisiest because of foot traffic and flight attendants chatting with on-flight telephones ringing to wake you up now and then. If you have small stuff and bag with you, you are in tough luck since you can’t use front seat’s pocket (because there are no front seats). Another reason not to choose this is because this is where children and babies are usually situated.

There is however another option where you get more perks within the economy class but few notches below business class. The option of premium economy class while may cost more, it may be a make or break decision for you to end the thought-process deadlock.

Lastly, there is a 50-50 chance you can ask flight agents for availability of better seats (be specific of your seat). Being nice to flight attendants and agents does not hurt and may be helpful in your favour by accommodating you when some passengers decide to upgrade to business class or make seats vacant.