The Republic of Egypt is straddling the North corner of Africa and South Corner of Asia through a territory link formed by Sinai Peninsula. Egypt is the globe`s first and only one adjacent Eurafrasian Nation. Most of Egypt’s land lies in under Nile valley. Egypt is Mediterranean kingdom. Egypt`s border is allied by Gaza strip and it has Israel to northeast side, gulf of Aqaba is on east side and Red sea is on the center of south and east, Sudan is on south side and Libya is on the west side. The majority of people are living close to the banks of Nile River where the arable is established.

History of Egypt

Egypt is the oldest civilization of the world. Neolithic Culture embedded in the Nile River. The kingdom was found by King Menes (Pharaoh) in 3150 BC. A series of dynasties that ruled over Egypt is sub-divided into 20 dynasties. Ancient Egyptians are famous for their history of occupation, outward expansion, vast structure products, and remedial discoveries, methodical and philological. Since 6000 years Egypt is well known because of their civilization, arts, traditions, architecture and language. In ancient Egypt pharaoh and his family was the top on Pyramid they were the noble people and owner of land on that time. Egypt is multination cultural land.


Where to go in Egypt?

Why it is A must place to visit?

Egypt has natural speculates. Egypt is the famous archeologist site in the world. Egypt is a must place to visit because there are 7 wonders and people usually come to visit that particular site no else country is having that quantity of wonders.

    • Great Pyramid and Sphinx


The very first wonder is Great Pyramid and Sphinx that is created by Herodotus in 5th century   BC. Nothing has changed since that time. That is most extraordinary site of the world. The pyramids are formed by pharaoh and older temples that you see in Egypt are there is a way of hieroglyphs and artwork by Egyptians which you can see on the site you can also find the interment boat of Khufu.

    • St. Catherine`s Monastery


The second wonder is St. Catherine`s Monastery that is a must place to visit in Egypt. St. Catherine`s Monastery is settled in the middle of Sinai Peninsula. It is oldest Christian monastery in the globe Catherine is in Greek, Roman and byzantine periods.

    • Islamic Cairo


This is Islamic Mohammad Ali mosque in the capital of Egypt this mosque is a must see place in Cairo. It is the oldest mosque and madrases founded in 10th century. The main and old attractions are Cairo Citadel and the Muhammad Ali mosque.

    • Nile River


River Nile lies in 10 different countries. It is the largest and longest river in the world.

    • Alexandria

Alexandria is the second major town in Egypt that is famous as “The Pearl of Mediterranean”. It is founded by Alexandria the Great. It is a must place to visit in Egypt. There is pharaoh’s lighthouse and Anthony and Cleopatra killed themselves in Alexandria.

    • Abu Simbel- The Temple of Ramses 2


Abu Simbel is a must place to visit it is most famous temple of Ramses 2 and Nefertari. These temples are repositioned in Lake Nasser. This is the most epochal monuments in Egypt.

    • Karnak and Luxor


Karnak and Luxor are two different temples connected by roads known as Avenue of the Sphinxes both temples are located in the core of urban Luxor city.

    • The Valley of Kings and Queens


The valley of Kings and Queens is a must place to visit because more than 60 Pharaohs and over 100 Queens with their royal children are buried in the valley. You are allowed to visit only 7 tombs among the two areas. Once you come into the tomb you will see ancient artwork and it is well potted.