Adventure has a lot of meaning for people. Sometimes it is a thrilling and scarce experience, and sometimes it is a bold inventiveness. It is also interpreted as a dangerous activity. So, what does it means to you? Every person is different in nature, so it isn’t easy to say what kind of adventure they prefer. People usually push their limits and boundaries when they seek adventure. For example, a mountaineer will always want to climb a higher peak, a trekker will always prefer a long and challenging trail, and wanderlust will choose a new destination to explore.

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Travel Adventures for a wanderlust

People who have an utmost desire to travel will always want to venture into the unknown. Their dream travel adventure will be a destination that is beyond anyone’s imagination. It could be a venture into the sub-zero temperature of Antarctica, a desert safari in the Sahara, or even going underwater in the deep sea. So, it is totally up to you to choose which adventure you prefer for yourself.

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To help a wanderlust choose an adventure, I have made a list of some great adventures that anyone can do. They are mentioned with respect to their destinations. So, if you are a wanderlust who needs some inspiration to get off your couch, this is a perfect piece of content for you. Read on and know what adventure you can do on your next vacation.

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Travel Adventures to inspire you

Summiting Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

Located in Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro is the roof of Africa. Standing 19,340 feet above sea level, it is indeed a great challenge for any wanderlust who wants to push him or herself to the limit. Although it isn’t a technical mountain, the altitude is sometimes too much for your lungs and you may feel the symptoms of high altitude pulmonary and cerebral edema, along with nausea due to lack of oxygen. So, better prepare yourself ahead of going there. It is important to be in great physical shape to conquer this mountain. Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro is indeed an inspiration, which you can use in your daily life to conquer other things.

Visiting Victoria Falls – Zambia

Visiting Victoria Falls is one of the most adventurous trips you can take as it is one of the highest waterfalls on Earth. Located on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, it touches African skies and amazes anyone who wants to see it. When travelling there through the thick dense forest, you can come across amazing wildlife and some ancient heritage. It is truly a challenge to go there, and for people who love seeing new sceneries, it is best for them.

Adventure in the Gobi Desert – Mongolia

Located in Mongolia, the Gobi Desert absorbs the horizon with its never-ending sand dunes. Every adventurer must cross this desert with the local nomads, and get to know their culture by spending time in their tents, and eating what they eat. Imagine the Great Genghis Khan used to live in this desert in the very same way people are living there. Experiencing all that is amazing and quite special.

Trekking in the valleys of highest mountains – Nepal

Are you ready to use some ice-axes, ropes, and crampons? Develop basic mountaineering skills and set out with a guide into the valleys of the Himalayas in Nepal. There are amazing viewpoints in this country where you can see the highest peaks on this planet such as Mount Everest, Lhotse, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, and more. If you want to challenge yourself more, then there are a lot of peaks to climb if you can acquire the permit.

Deep-sea adventure in Madagascar – Madagascar

Madagascar is the hub of doing underwater activities. You can go snorkeling, scuba diving, speed boating, along with some great land activities such as trekking, exploring jungles, and wildlife safari. So, choose your pick and go for a Madagascar adventure challenge.

Trekking in Denali National Park – Alaska, USA

Trekking in Denali National Park is a great adventure for all trekkers and hikers. Alaska is home to different animals, and trekking in areas that have bears and wolves is always going to need some guts. So only challenging people will seek adventure there. However, with guided tours, trekking there isn’t that difficult at all.

Wildlife sighting in Deosai National Park – Pakistan

Deosai is a high-altitude alpine meadow located between the Astor and Skardu districts of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. Its average altitude is 4,114 meters above sea level, making it the second-highest plateau in the world after Tibetan Plateau. This place is not only jaw-dropping beautiful but also a sanctuary to some of the most endangered animals in the world including Himalayan Brown Bears, snow leopard, Siberian ibex, Himalayan wolf, etc. Visiting this place is a unique experience, and I would highly recommend further complimenting your trip by trying to sight wildlife in their natural habitat.

Rafting in Colorado River – USA

Colorado River is one of the finest rivers in the world for some wild river rafting. Passing from the iconic Grand Canyon, this 277-mile-long river is perfect if you want to experience rafting at an exotic location. Apart from rafting, you can also take some time out to explore the Grand Canyons and enjoy an amazing time of your life.

Exploring North Pole – Scandinavia

Scandinavia is one of the most beautiful regions of Europe. It is located in the northern part of this continent. Exploring this region and all the countries is going to be an amazing experience for every traveller. However, one such milestone or a special thing to check off your bucket list is visiting the geographic North Pole. It is always going to be special to visit such a place in one of the remotest parts of the planet they live in. Apart from this feeling, it is also quite an accomplishment to reach there as well. Other than that, travellers can always visit countries like Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Faroe Island, Iceland, etcetera, in Scandinavia.