Planning a road trip to US can be full of hurdles; rather you should try out the Euro Road Trip. A trip to Europe on your four or two wheels can be full of fun and joy. Adding more amuse to it, take some routes that are undiscovered and adventurous. Let me take you to the Euro road trip through my blog. From France to Germany, you have numerous options to put the pedal on the metal and drive through the beautiful roads of Europe’s stunning cities.


Autobahn – Germany




Starting from Germany, drive through the Autobahn highway of Germany on the highest speed as you can, as there are no speed limits. The surrounding beauty and mesmerizing mountains will give you an opportunity to unlock some of the best sight-seeing options while driving to the speed of 120.


Ring of Kerry – Ireland




The beautiful Irish countryside offers the views of some of the best lakes, mountains and beaches. You can go through the smooth roads on the highway of Ring of Kerry on the speed of 200, without resting your wheels. Don’t worry, the roads do not have traffic to block your way and it is the best way to experience the Euro road Trip.


Italy’s Amalfi Coast




The Southern end of Italy is the best vacation spot of the world. Driving through the coast of Amalfi will unlock your love for old architecture and ancient historic surroundings. Going from town to town and traveling from one coast to another, The Amalfi Coast will make your Euro Road Trip an unforgettable one with its exotic beauty and stunning sites.


Les Corniches of France




The Les Corniches offers three different options to drive through the French countryside. The tour around the French region on your four wheels will leave you enthralled with it’s never to forget experiences. With the most beautiful sites of the city and the great views of lakes and beaches, Les Corniches are the best way to drive through for the best Euro Road Trip. You can also take the route of the High Alps of La Route des Grandes through which you can explore the beautiful Geneva Lake’s views and a drive through the famous national parks and mountain passes.


Trollstigen of Norway





Being the most picturesque drives of Europe, the troll route of Norway can give you the best experience to go through the mountainous beauty and the beautiful sites of waterfalls.


The Klausen Pass of Switzerland




Passing by the views and scenic beauty of the Swiss mountains, you can enjoy the Euro road Trip like never before. Every year a race event is held at the Klausen Pass that speeds up with the wild car races. If you are going through the pass at that time of event, make sure you become a part of it and don’t miss out the chance of racing around on the smooth Swiss roads.


Estoril Coast Drive of Portugal




The beautiful drive of Estoril takes you to the routes of amazing coastlines of Portugal. Stop at the National Palace of Sintra that carries the stunning architecture of some of the historic sites of Portugal.