As the cities act all weird, we decided to note down their weirdness as our fun facts about different cities of the world. Have a look and notice what you didn’t notice for years of traveling.


Fun facts about Paris




  1. There are around 181 places in Paris where you can get espresso coffee [this means the people living there are extreme caffeinated]
  2. There’s only one Stop sign in the whole city, because usually they adopt the method of giving way to the person on the right.
  3. There are total 6100 streets in the city
  4. It took around 666 years to build the great Louvre
  5. Plaster of Paris was invented in Paris.


Fun facts about San Francisco


San Francisco-min


  1. 29% of the pollution in San Francisco comes from China
  2. Around 3000 people have committed suicide jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.
  3. A Japanese pilot, Captain Kohei Asoh accidently landed a plane into the San Francisco Bay in 1968 [drunk LOL]
  4. San Francisco remained a part of Mexico City till the American Mexican war in 1948.
  5. The Irish coffee was actually invented in San Francisco.


Fun facts about China




  1. The fortune cookie was originally not a Chinese invention; it was an invention in San Francisco.
  2. China uses 45 billion of chopsticks annually.
  3. The world’s biggest mall is located in China and is actually 99% empty.
  4. Twitter, Facebook and the New York times is blocked in China since 2009.
  5. 1400 years ago, the first paper money was built in China.


Fun facts about Cairo




  1. It took over 20 years to build the great pyramids.
  2. The city’s nickname is the city of a thousand minarets.
  3. Cairo was being ruled by the Pharaohs and caliphs for over 6000 years.
  4. The Arabic meaning of Cairo is Al-Qahirah which means the Victorious.
  5. The oldest synagogue is found in Cairo which is known as the Ben Ezra Synagogue.


Fun facts about Istanbul




  1. Istanbul is one of those cities in the world that is straddling between the two continents, Asia and Europe.
  2. The Grand bazaar is the oldest bazaar of the city having 3000 shops in total.
  3. It is home to the third oldest subway
  4. Most of the historical sites are located in the Old City of Istanbul.
  5. Constantinople was the former name of Istanbul.


Fun facts about Berlin




  1. The Germans in Berlin consume 125 tons of sausages daily.
  2. In the centre of Berlin city, you will find the longest sneaker wall
  3. Berlin has more of the museums than the rainy days, it has 175 museums in total.
  4. Berlin has 1700 bridges; this makes it the city with more bridges than Venice.
  5. The Berliner Fernsehturm or the television tower in Berlin is one of the tallest constructions of Europe.