In the time around Christmas, most of the immigrants travel back to their country to spend the holiday of the year with their families back at home while others travel to places known for its Christmas festivals such as Disneyland.

Most people wait for either Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween or other such holidays to travel but without planning, they can get stripped off all of their savings. Airlines know these are the days you will most definitely travel and that is why they increase the prices. In such cases, last minute cheap flights help.

Christmas TreesChristmas is in two months, and everybody is already excited about the preparations, especially the tree decorations.

The tradition of the Christmas tree

The tradition of the Christmas tree goes way back and is full of rich and modern ideas that spring from breathtakingly beautiful, summarizing everything that the holiday of Santa Claus stands for.  There are basically two forms of Christmas trees.

Artificial Vs. Real Tree

Some of the Christmas trees are traditional home-grown or are grown on the ground that when sits in the corner of your house for days starts shedding its pine needles and turn from green to brown slowly.  You will soon start having arguments as to who will drag the heavy tree outside so it doesn’t smell like dying autumn in your living room.

The artificial tree, however, is a totally different scenario. Modern trees are not homegrown or grown on the ground but are mostly either artificial trees or built by Christmas tree builders. They collect together lots of bits and pieces of other Christmas trees to make an amazing artificial tree.


Christmas Trees

Some of the greatest Christmas Trees

To grind your appetite for all things evergreen when the holiday of the year is just around the corner, we have made a list of some of the tallest, greatest and most amazing Christmas trees from all around the world.  The data of these trees varies from the record of tallest to some that have gained global fame but all have one common fact; they’re made of Christmas tree materials.

Christmas Trees

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The most prominent and tallest honest-to-God tree floats in at the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon in the city of Carnaval festival, Rio, around 279 feet high. During its inauguration four years ago in 2014, the whole city was surrounded by lights and fireworks making it the specular sight.

Christmas Trees RIO

2. Christmas festivals in Dortmund, Germany

One of the paramount and tallest tree stand around 46 meters or 150 feet tall in Dortmund, Germany, making it the prime example of the Christmas trees of its kind. It is also known as the King Kong of Christmas trees because of its enormous weight that is around 40,000 kg. The gigantic tree is covered in 48,000 electric lights and takes four weeks to construct to be put in place.

The notable tree attracts thousands of tourists from all around the world in Dortmund’s Christmas market which explains why the city invests in the King Kong every year.

Christmas Trees

3. White House’s National Christmas Tree, USA

The White House’s National Christmas Tree is also another prominent Christmas tree that stands around 30 to 40 feet tall. The tree is transported down every year from Alaska and lies in the list of some amazing artificial trees as it is made from bits and pieces of other trees, filled with lots of lights, and the way these lights are mounted gives the appearance of a light tree instead of a pine tree. It has its smaller versions that represent the states of United States, the District of Colombia and its five territories.

Christmas Trees USA

4. London, England

England’s greatest Christmas tree stands around 66 feet in the Trafalgar Square in London. The people of Oslo have been gifting London with the greatest of trees since the year of 1947 by the people of Oslo as a gesture of gratefulness for Britain’s constant support during the Second World War.

Christmas Trees England, UK

5. Paris, France

The French with their amazing taste prefers their Christmas trees a little more traditional. Their lovely pine tree is like a four-story mammoth and is so realistic-looking that it has to be touched to confirm that it’s not real. It is positioned inside the posh Galeries Lafayette Department Store each year.

Christmas Trees Paris

6. Central Italy, Italy

Unlike the rest of the greatest Christmas trees in our list, the tree of Italy is uniquely massive but not in the way the others are. Sure, it stands over 2000 feet on the top of the mountain on the slopes of Monte Ingino, in the outskirts of Gubbio, but not in a regular way. They must have asked themselves why they should have one gigantic tree when they can have several hundred normal-sized pin trees stacked one on top of the other that can look even more impressive.

The unique feature is, however, not the size but how the Pope switches it on; with the use of a tablet computer.

While in a Christmas festivals, trees are amazing to look at, it is just as important to keep them safe and keep your house and yourself safe while there is a lovely Christmas tree standing in the corner of your living room.

Christmas Trees Italy

Tree Safety

It is very important to keep the tree away from all heat sources, especially if your tree is artificial, such as vents, radiators, candles, fireplaces, and woodstoves etc. Thousands of households catch fire every year because people do not keep their trees away from heat sources. Fresh trees, on the other hand, are less likely to catch fire. If your tree is real and breathing, you must know that it needs to drink gallons of water almost every day and be positioned in a certain way. The cut part, however, needs to stay away from air. When shopping for your Christmas tree, look for none with vibrant green needles that are hard to pluck. That way they will not break easily from its branches and from a mess around your living room. And never forget to turn your Christmas tree lights off before you go to bed each night.