As human, we only care about the world as a one big giant piece of mother nature’s art work, do we ever care about how this revolutionized world and the places in it got their names, I mean there must be a person or two behind giving Tokyo that name? or probably Rome was decided by God himself? Well I think he has other much important stuff to do and has left this arguably unimportant task [as we humans take it] to us, and we, in a real humble and honorable manner has named the places in a totally outrageous way. So let’s have a look at how the famous cities of the world got their names and what’s the history behind these big names.




It’s kinda nostalgic to get back to the history behind Rome’s name evolution, though it’s an eternal city of Italy but somehow its initial stage was not so predictable. The name Rome revolves around the sons of Roman God of war who were twins, named Remus and Romulus. They were rescued by a wolf that raised them and further instructed to build a city at the location where they were rescued, that place is now named as Rome.




Our list of how the famous cities of the world got their names includes a definite name that is Paris as Paris is actually named after Celtic Parisii tribe who inhabited the island for the first time in the mid of the 3rd century BC. Though some claim that it’s a Latin word that means ‘’the land of surly waiters’’




The most obvious thing that related with the name Moscow is that it sets on the Moscva River and that’s simple how the name comes from, and now if you want to know where the name Moscva comes from then it’s another part of the story as it’s a name derived from Finno-Ugric name that means river of, some says that the names comes from the Slavic word that means swampy river.


Los Angeles


The Spanish settlers right after settling named the area as The city of Angels but that’s not just enough, the original name as we’ve heard in past of the city is El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porcincula or that can also be translated as Town of Our Lady the Queen of Angels of the Little Portion, and that was late realized that it should be shorten more so they named it as Los Angeles.




Warsaw got its name from the person who found the city, he was a nobleman who first found the city of Warsaw and in honor of it, the Polish city was named after him. The city has a development history of turning out from a trash to jewel and that can easily be justified by the person who found it who developed a bunch of villages into the most developing cities of Poland.




Vancouver got its name from a great explorer who is known for his major explorations of North-western Pacific regions of North America including big names as Oregano, Washington and Hawaiian Islands. The city of Vancouver was also his major explorations and in honor, the Vancouver Island and the city Vancouver itself were given names after its founder, George Vancouver.




Istanbul is blessed with numerous names in history, it was once known as Constantinople Byzantium and Stamboul. Constantinople was the most obvious famous name of the city which was derived from Constantine who was a Roman emperor. Later it was named as Istanbul which is a Greek phrase that means to the city or into the city.