People are ready to pack their bags and book a flight the first chance they get to fill their senses with experiences, exploration and to get away from the stress of their lives. Discovering the unknown, meeting new people, all of different cultural and social backgrounds, enjoying delightful cuisines from all around the world is something of a kick. However, while traveling is known for taking the stress away, planning a trip from getting a stamp on your visa to booking an online flight can actually stress you out to the point where you start to think you would rather have not thought of traveling at all. This blog will help you out on how to find cheapest airlines and make your trouble into pleasure.

Getting a cheap air ticket a challenge

How to Find Cheapest Airlines

Getting lucky with a cheap airline flight is more like solving a scientific equation than clicking on a button and is as much of a time-consuming, tiring and stressful as a 21-hour flight to a third-world country is. It is, therefore, important to know just the right way, you can get Low-cost cheap tickets as the unrelenting competition of the cheapest, lowest in cost, most affordable, and more convenient airline in the world is at its peak.

What do customers seek?

How to Find Cheapest Airlines

People who plan a trip every year know the struggle of finding a pocket-friendly airline ticket. They have everything planned months prior to their trip so that the trip doesn’t exceed the budget. However, for first-time travelers who have been dreaming about traveling half-way around the world, it will come as a shock when they see a four-digit price tag on a trip from London to New York. There are travel agents in UK that offer reasonable airline tickets and accommodation services that might help you breathe again.

What are you paying for?

How to Find Cheapest Airlines of the world

As much as hesitant you are to click on that three-digit price tag airline ticket, remember that you’re covering a vast distance above the earth, flying almost in space, in speed, with all the weight of your luggage and you will feel a little better. I hope it is still good to know which airline is pressing lighter on your pocket while serving your purpose.

How are these airline categorized?

How to Find Cheapest Airlines of the world

Regular customers rank their favorite airline on three categories on a 1-5 scale based: Cabin Service, Ground Airport, Onboard Product. Getting deeper into the subject, these categories are further divided into sub-categories. Let me explain this with examples based on judgments of the three categories. Cabin Service will be evaluated on the basis of aspects like hospitality, service attentiveness, staff language skills, and meal service efficiency etc. Similarly, Ground Airport will be judged by the on carry-on policy, pet policies, airport ticketing, check-in, on-time flights, and pre-boarding procedures.

Airline companies are always in a competition to be ranked as number 1 in all of the categories and sub-categories. Some keep their promises while others make money. For the question how to find cheaoes airlines here is my study of the best and most affordable airlines that are ranked on the basis of prices.


Trading as Air Asia X, AirAsia is a Malaysian airline that has become the country’s largest by size and passengers transported. Along with offering the cheapest rates, the airline is a master in the aircraft utilization like no other, with over 13 hours of flight per day.


Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA, trading as Norwegian, is a Norwegian low-cost airline that offers cheap flights all over the world except a few countries.


EasyJet Airline Company Limited, trading as EasyJet, is a British low-cost carrier airline Airport which operates domestic and international scheduled services on over 820 routes in more than 30 countries in really cheap prices.

JetStar Airways

Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd, trading as Jetstar, is an Australian low-cost airline and is a subsidiary to Jetstar Asia, which is another low-cost airline based in Singapore.


Westjet Airlines Ltd, trading as WestJet, is a Canadian airline whose main purpose of existence was to be a low-cost alternative to the country’s competing major airlines. They provide scheduled and charter air service to 107 destinations in Canada, the United States, Europe, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.


IndiGo is another great low-cost India airline known for being the largest airline in the country by passengers carried and fleet size that offers both domestic as well as international flights.