The most anticipated event of Dubai Expo 2020 finally opened on 1st October and is going to run for another 6 months. Dubai Expo was to be held last year, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, its inauguration was delayed a year. Since 1851, world expositions have offered a great opportunity for all countries to showcase their exhibits, technologies, and innovations to the world. The sprawling region of the Middle East has become the new hub of business, science, and innovation, and Dubai’s Expo is the first to be held in this region.

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But what’s unique and special about this expo is that Dubai was preparing for the best part of a decade, and the infrastructure is built accordingly with new attractions, landmarks, hotels, and other amazing things to do complementing the ongoing Expo. Expo Dubai 2020 is set to attract more than 25 million businesses and tourists from all parts of the world, which is also going to boost the whole region’s economy with tourism, business investment, trade, and other great opportunities. Kicking off with a grand ceremony consisting of fireworks, music, and global collaborations, Dubai Expo 2020 will bring more surprises and celebrations over the course of the next 5 months. So, plan a trip to this beautiful city of Dubai for this most anticipated event of the decade, and enjoy your time. And if you are worried about managing this trip, this article will help you to do just that.

Booking your flights to Dubai for Expo 2020

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The first step to travel anywhere is to find a suitable and affordable flight(s) to that destination. In the case of Dubai, almost every major international airline operates flights to the DXB. However, not every airline is convenient to fly to Dubai due to scheduling, routes, time, and connecting transfers. To manage your Dubai trip for Expo 2020, you will need to look big and beyond everything. I really want my esteemed readers and fellow travellers to make the most out of this trip by not only attending this expo and being a part of it, but also exploring the magnificent city of Dubai. For this reason, I will be recommending some stuff that will enhance your experience. So read on, and book your Dubai trip accordingly.

Online travel agencies to book your Dubai ticket

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Being a representative of an online travel agency, it is naturally hard to recommend any other platform to any reader. However, my utmost priority is to stay unbiased on this blog and provide my readers with accurate information to make their travel easy. Following are three online travel agency platforms that I highly recommend to my readers especially for visiting Dubai, or any other city in the Middle East. doesn’t need any introduction on its very own platform. Being one of the best travel agencies in the United Kingdom, we take care of your travelling needs. Dream World Travel offers holiday packages, along with discounted flight tickets, which in this case we are offering cheap flights to Dubai, hotel accommodation, and other travel deals. Book your trip from us and enjoy your time at Dubai Expo 2020. is an online travel and leisure retailer. As our respected competitor in the travel business, their services are good and customers are also happy with them. They also offer great travel flights and deals to Dubai, other states in the United Arab Emirates, and other regions in the Middle East. They are a highly professional agency which is why I can guarantee their services to my readers.

Netflights is another reliable online travel agency to find flights to the Middle East and Dubai for Expo 2020. They are very professional in client dealing and handling. Their customer care service is also renowned for taking care of all after-sales queries and handlings. You can also check their platform when planning your trip.

Convenient airlines for Dubai

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Although every major airline has a scheduled flight to Dubai almost every day, there are only a few that I will personally recommend to you due to many reasons. Most people prefer a direct flight from their home city to the destination in order to avoid transfer hassles, and some prefer to break down their flight hours by choosing an airline that breaks down their flight in transfer. I am going to recommend both types of travellers.

British Airways

British Airways or BA has been the go-to flight carrier of every British traveller. They have multiple flights to Dubai every day and you can find reservations in every class. They also offer suitable flight deals to their fliers and offer other luxuries to members. Their airplanes are also well maintained with a great ambiance.


Emirates is one of the best airline carriers in the world. They offer top-of-the-line service to all their fliers. Based in Dubai, UAE, Emirates is the most recommended airline to every traveller who is planning a trip to Dubai. They have the best and most maintained fleet of top airplanes, and a flight experience in their plane is always enjoyable and convenient.

Gulf Air

Gulf Air offers great flight deals to Dubai from anywhere. Whether you are flying from the East or West, Gulf Air offers a great ambiance, top-quality service, and tasty food to everyone. It is based in Bahrain, which is not far from UAE, making your trip time short and convenient.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is the official flag carrier airline of Abu Dhabi, the capital city of UAE, and the second-biggest airline carrier of UAE after Emirates. They are also pioneers of the sky and renowned all over the world for their world-class flight experience. Abu Dhabi is also not that far from Dubai, and if you have few options with other airlines, it is always good to have a second option in an equally good airline inbound to the closest city.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines has emerged as one of the biggest and finest airlines in the world. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, it has many destinations and regularly flies to Dubai. If you are flying from Europe or America, Turkish Airlines is suitable for you as the stopover for connecting flights in Istanbul is en route to the Middle East. They are also reasonably priced, and cabin service is also outstanding.

Top sites for a flight comparison

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If you want to double-check the flight rates or compare all the details like price, weight allowance, time, connecting transfers, and etcetera, I recommend the following websites to compare your flights. These aggregators provide accurate and reliable information about all the outgoing flights. I personally recommend searching flights on aggregators for comparison as I believe one should always value his/her money and expect top services in return.


Kayak is a part of Booking Holdings, and one of the finest flight search aggregators that I recommend. All their fares are up to date, and completely reliable.


Momondo is a travel fare metasearch engine and flight aggregator platform. It is a white-label of and a part of Booking Holdings as well.


Jetcost is a brand of It is one of the best sites to search for your desired flight. When planning a trip to Dubai for Expo 2020, this platform will offer all the complete deals on a single platform.

Renowned landmarks in Dubai that are not to be missed

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If you are travelling to Dubai for Expo 2020, I highly recommend you not limit yourself to the Expo itself, but also explore other places as well. Following are some of the best features of this mega-city. Enjoy your trip to the fullest by attending Dubai Expo 2020 and all these landmarks.

Burj Khalifa – The tallest standing structure and skyscraper on Earth

Deep-Dive Dubai – The record-breaking deepest swimming pool in the world

Ain Dubai – World’s largest and tallest observation wheel

The Palm Jumeirah – Archipelago of artificial islands in the Persian Gulf

Dubai Opera – A 2000 seat, performing art center in downtown Dubai

Ski Dubai – The largest indoor ski resort in the world

Museum of the Future – A technology-themed museum opened in 2021