I love New York as it is considered to be one of the best cities in the world. New York is the most busy and eventful cities of United States of America. Also it’s the most populated city of United States of America. New York City offers a variety of endless opportunities for the travellers around the world. The famous city is located on one of the world’s natural harbor. The five main districts of the New York City include Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island. It’s the perfect destinations specially in terms of spending memorable vacations. The buildings are so bewilderingly tall and eye catching that portrays the architecture of the city.  Basically, New York City has all; flourishing arts, food, fashion and nightlife scenes which an individual can dream off.


New York


Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival

Brooklyn Electronic music festival is one of the best things to attend in New York which is to be held on November 6, 7th November 2015, with after-parties lasting through 8th November 2015.

The Macy’s Thanks Giving Day Parade

This memorable Macy’s Thanks Giving Day Parade is holy New York City tradition. The Thanksgiving event is alleged on the fourth Thursday in November according to which this year it will take place on 26th of November.



The New York Comedy festival is a five days jackpot of comedy shows illustrating national headline acts and the cream of the local prospects. This year this event is going to be held on 10th November 2015 till 15th November 2015.


Tourist Attraction Places of New York City


Statue of Liberty and Battery Park

Statue of Liberty


The statue of Liberty is one of the largest statues of the world which is 152 feet tall from base to top. From this statue, one can have a fine view of lower Manhattan and New York Harbor. Tourists from all over the world are attracted to see the “Statue of Liberty” which is located on Liberty Island and not to forget that it represents the sign of Freedom and known as one of the amazing representation of America. Talking about the another famous destination of New York city is Battery Park which is located on the southern tip of Manhattan and presents an amazing view of New York Harbor and Statue of Liberty which makes this place very attractive for the tourist or the visitors.


The Empire State Building


Empire state Building


The eminent land mark of New York City is “The Empire State Building”. The building has 102-storey and is around 381 m tall. Many hotels are also located near this building from which an individual can have a clear and amazing view of The Empire State Building. I love New York as it gratifies the best and the biggest towers and buildings of the world.


Central Park


Central park


The huge park in the city center of New York illustrates its beauty and not just a tangible jungle. In many of the Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies, this central park has been featured which make this place an important destination for the people around the world. The most famous places within its boundaries includes; the Central Park Zoo, and the Lake, which is used for skating in winter which gives a beautiful view that is why I love New York city.


Metropolitan Museum of Art


museum of art


The old famous “Metropolitan Museum of Art” is universally recognized as “The Met” was originated in 1870. It has a vast collection of American decorative arts, arms and shield, costumes, musical instruments, and photographs. Metropolitan Museum of Art also have an emphases on the architecture of old-fashioned Europe.


Fifth Avenue


fifth avenue


Fifth Avenue is mostly known as the best shopping and fashion place in the NYC. The outlets of the most famous designers of New York City are located in his avenue like Cartier, Tiffany, Bvlgari, Piaget, Apple Store, and Saks Fifth Avenue etc.