You have either flown economy class several times putting up with annoying behaviors of strangers or have never seen the glamorous side of an airline experience (except in Instagram pictures or in movies) when this question popped in your mind: Is the business class worth it when I’m just going to nap most of the time or spend most of the time watching movies/reading books?

You might have come across arrogant individuals online who flaunt their privilege of travelling business class frequently (like the example above) leaving you wondering: Is the flight experience really that awesome? To answer your question, this post is divided into two parts to help you understand the financial implications that come with buying business class. One is, whether buying it makes sense for pleasant journey. The other is, if buying this class makes it worthwhile later when you need to spend on accommodation as well. Let’s tackle the first part of the discussion:

Buying Business Class Just For A Pleasent Journey

Most of you know that money does not grow on trees, but due to numerous pictures flaunting heavenly experiences and compelling reviews from normal folks, you figure to ditch the ‘frugal strategy’ and exhaust your budget to satisfy such a whim. This is coming from somebody’s perspective that has never flown business class and wants to know how it feels like. The answer to your fundamental question is: Yes. If you’re tired of going through loud snoring, children screaming, people talking about trivial matters and just overall being uncomfortable sitting in economy class, then business class is worth it. Aside from free booze and coffee, you get a decent 3+ course meal which is included in the airfare.

Moreover, the seats are large with just 2 present in each two so no worries about being climbed over or being wrestled for armrest. With thick padding, different reclining positions and tilted positioning of seats, your personal space will never be invadedand you can work peacefully. The seat also converts to a flat-bed to get a good night’s rest without needing to contort your body to get the best sleeping position! Every seat has a power outlet so you don’t have to worry about your gadgets running out of batteries or trying to remove other people’s chargers so you can plug yours. Aside from the expected extra legroom, you also get access to large screen for entertainment with quality headphones and warm moist hand-towels. It goes without saying that flight attendants here are more welcoming to your whims.

Being an infrequent business traveller who wants peace and quiet to work on flight, or going for a memorable holiday hoping to never recall a terrible flight experience, the business class is worth it. Considering the financial constraints, if you travel a lot (for business purposes or taking annual holidays abroad) then it is foolish to squander your money, unless you have plenty of miles and employer is willing to pay for it.

With the first part cleared out of the way, it is time to tackle the second part:

Spending On Business Class When You Also Need To Spend On Accommodation

Many people overlook another travelling aspect while thinking about the cost of airplane fare and class: Where are you going to stay once you reach your destination? You are faced with a dilemma to spend on a business class flight only to end up in a poor quality motel/hostel/, or go with economy class to later spend lavishly on exquisite meals and A-Grade hotel accommodation.

If you have got the financial capability to afford a lavish flight experience and stay in a great hotel ONCE IN A BLUE MOON, then by all means go for business class. But if you decide to become a globetrotter, then consider flying as just a means to go from one place to another; not as part of your travelling experience. Hence, stick with premium economy class or economy class. You’ll soon realize that not squandering your money just to get extra legroom and a flat-bed will leave you with plenty to spend more on fine dining, peaceful stay (which is more important than flying) and shopping abroad.

We hope that after reading this post, you will be able to make a better decision next time when faced with budget constraints. Regardless in which class you travel, may you travel safely!