Many of us must have heard that those who take often vacations from their jobs due to the hectic and tiring workloads are tend to remain much contented and appear even energetic. The daily routine tasks of the present time have become much annoying, and therefore, we must have to obtain frequent vacations. This is known as the key to sustain healthy lifestyle by the experts after going through various researches on numerous individuals.

But selecting a best place is certainly an intricate chore, and you don’t want to end up selecting a wrong destination, which could even make things more terrible. Hence, in this short yet quite informative blog, I will try to assist and advice to which places you can visit, so to get a breath of gratification and peace from the usual stressful jobs.



Baros Island, Maldives




Let’s begin with the place which has always been on top of my priority list due to its overwhelming scenery and some best nature gifts. Of course, I am suggesting none other than Baros Island located in Maldives that surely offers short trip to the paradise on earth. Known for its noiseless, peaceful and magnificent beaches spinning around its boundaries are flawless for soothing and sunbathing. With some marvellous facilities such as Scuba Diving and a few more Water Sports, travellers can achieve the most from this balmy, clear water island.

Jumeira Beach, Dubai




For those with some high-class taste, and keep a big heart to spend sumptuous vacation; must check out this fabulous, balmy coastline. Located in the heart of UAE, the Dubai Jumeira Beach is surely one of the best, lavish yet a relaxing place for the tourists all year round. You must watch out the heat in the summer season as temperatures may soar as high as 50°C, which is considered as not very appropriate.
The best time suggested to visit this beach is from October to March as it gets really comfortable to walk around freely on the street during the afternoons. Yet, it is quite favourable for those who live in the cold environs, and love to get a sunbath in this open beach anytime of the year with fully secured environment.  You are allowed to barbecue, wander around the cafés, or just lie back, and relax till the sun sets. Also, cheap tickets to Dubai are available anytime of the year, so make this considerate as your next destination spot.


Pom Pom Island, Malaysia


pom pom island


Malaysia is a diversified country and above all, recognized for its natural ambience and magnificent beaches. One of them which I like the most is the Pom Pom Island, which is located in the east coastline of Malaysia. This spectacular island is surely small, though has peaceful speck of white sand and is renowned for factually no contamination. Visitors can also do fishing and relax at the nearby resorts. Surrounding the island in the inspiring turquoise waters are a huge number of fish types.
Visitors can make their plan to visit Malaysia anytime of the year as temperatures remain almost same throughout the year with normally rainy every day, so is called as the sub-tropical countries. The lush greeneries and other stunning beaches will make you come back to this place over and over again.


Cebu Island, Philippines


cebu island


This peaceful island is situated in the Visayas area, and comprises of a lovely, long, attractive upland areas. It contributes some spectacular visions of mountains and seas along with some modern resorts in its vacationer regions such as Badian and Camotes. Moreover, there are best resorts in its fishing towns such as Moalbal where those desiring to have some adventurous and exceptional environment experiences can visit.
Being the most populated island in the Philippines, it bears an economical significance to the country. Don’t forget to visit the city of Cebu as it has some dynamic bars, sprouting restaurants and some best island-hopping amenities.

Rai Leh, Thailand


rai leh


This mind-blowing beach paradise is definitely on my list most of the times as when I visit this incredible coastline, I can affirm that it as one of the luxury beaches in Thailand, or may be in the entire Southeast Asia. Tourists from around the globe visit here throughout the year due to having a temperate weather all the time to relax on its white sands and staring to the huge cliffs.

Either boating or swimming in the clear waters, you will get to see a spectacular view of the island. People of all ages and the newlyweds love to visit in large numbers as the water is extremely clean without pollution, so you can enjoy as long as you want. The best time period to stay on this beach would be around 3 nights to take advantage of this delightful & bestowing beach destination. You can easily Book cheap Tickets to Bangkok as they are available on Sale prices very routinely. After getting here, you can visit many more extravagant beaches of this country with ease.


With tons of world’s attractive beaches, there are certainly some best blue waters in the entire Asia. Every year, researchers explore several new beaches that nature has to offer us and enjoy from their endless beauties. It is so necessary that one must visit such calm and relaxing places to finish their worries with ease. So get ready for your next summer vacation as you can relish the above mentioned and maintain healthy lifestyles as these places always provide a sense of reprieve and satisfaction.