Lisbon is the largest city and capital of Portugal. And while it is known as a global city due to its significance in commerce, finance, entertainment, media, arts, education and tourism, the real draw of Lisbon lies in its breath taking views.  Lisbon is a city to be explored without inhibitions, a city that teaches you what it feels to let go and be free. The gorgeous straight out of some travel magazine photos hillsides, winding alleyways, glistening adorned buildings and stunning architecture are but a few of the many reasons of feeling the love of this city settle firmly in your heart.


Beyond the scenic city views, Lisbon has plenty of places that are an absolute feast for the eyes. The seven trademark hills are dotted across the city, providing a stunning backdrop and opening up more picture perfect views for those who wish to see. There are many places within the city that can be enjoyed by people of all interest and age. Places like the Núcleo Arqueológico da Rua dos Correeiros, a historic site hidden beneath the Millennium BCP bank building, with layers of ruins dating from the Iron Age.


The food fare in Lisbon is an experience to be had. With Portugal’s increased efforts to rejuvenate its classic flavours with contemporary twists and the cuisine is an absolute delight. It’d be a shame to visit Lisbon and not eat Queijo da Serra, because Portugal is nothing if not a country of fine cheeses and Queijo da Serra is definitely one of them. Taking advantage of its shoreline, Lisbon also serves dishes like the Carne de Porco Alentejana and a national favourite Bacalhau.


The city of Lisbon may appear pliant and soft in the light of day, but looks can be deceiving. As the night settles, the core of the city rumbles awake and the street corners light up with life as the music thrums through the concrete and the drinking leads way into the morning. For the full effect of what festivities in Lisbon are like, take part in the Festas de Lisboa, a series of festivities throughout June that sweeps through the city as it fulfils every desire at a time.