Thailand: The land of unbelievable natures!



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The timespan we spend every day in our lives is becoming very frantic, and therefore, we surely need a break to rejuvenate ourselves by taking a short yet memorable vacation. For those who are fed-up with the winters and cold weathers, they must be looking to feel the warm environment and a trip to some best place with warm weather. One of the best places to travel as your next best destination could be certainly none other than Thailand.

But why did I choose this destination as there are many other places like this with such warmer climates and beautiful natural sceneries as well? Indeed, life in Thailand goes somewhat different as there are many invigorating points one can pick and make his/her experience remarkable when it is the time to get refreshed regardless of your any personal problems.


Why Thailand, not somewhere else?




This amazing travel spot is growing rapidly among the tourists, and more than 30 million people travel to Thailand every single year to make this place their lifetime experience of remembrances. Thailand is known as a centre of travel in the South-eastern region of Asia, and you can get some cheapest fares to Bangkok all year long. Bangkok being the capital of this country is the base for performing the journey from one place to another.

This tropical country is well-known for its swanky forests, plantations, superlative diving spots, mouth-watering foods, and crystal water beaches, all to enjoy at such economical prices. I have personally visited here several times whenever I feel that I am now bored of the hectic workloads, and need a break to revive myself from those frantic jobs. As this is my number-1 country to travel as a holiday point, you can visit some of the best places, which people, especially the first-time-visitors can see, to know the value of this country. The country is well-known for the backpacking trail and entirely convenient for everyone to get relaxed from its natural surroundings.





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You must have heard that you really have to pay a good amount of money when it comes to the accommodation to any country while you are visiting, but this is not the fact when you visit Thailand for your traveling destination. Besides cheapest flights to Bangkok, the accommodation is also very cheap, and particularly the northern part of Bangkok than its southern islands. From as little as £2-3, you can get a room per night. While hotel’s rooms start from just around £20, and even their big resorts on the islands with exceptional amenities start from only £25. Now that’s indeed unbelievable!







No doubt, the second main element comes when you are travelling is the Food, and Thailand has to offer a range of mouth-watering foods at low-cost prices. Thai foods are known for their great tastes than anywhere, and have a variety of foods with different flavours. Your mouth jazzes with the scrumptious taste when you eat, which has kick to it. You will come to see many stalls on the streets and open markets like any other far eastern countries such as Malaysia or Indonesia, where the locals sell their live-cooked foods at extremely cheap prices. I would say that one can fill up the stomach in just 30-50 pence when eating at such stands and stalls.

Thailand is a very transnational place for the tourists and expatriates living here for a short time in this country make it very laid-back for them. They can survive here on the great tastes of their choice, and even the Indian food is easily available in the business district area of Sukhumvit. Moreover, you’ll unexpectedly find lots of Mexican foods restaurants here as well.


Can’t miss the Tropical beaches!




traditional wooden boat in a picture perfect tropical bay on koh phi phi island, thailand, asia


Thailand being a sub-tropical country has a balmy, warm weather throughout the year with rainfall almost whole year round. For those who really love lots of sunshine with tropical beaches, Thailand has definitely what you need! Ko Phi Phi is amongst the famed beaches in this region and particularly a big hot spot for the visitors. When visiting here, there are many options of cheap and even low-priced hotel rooms. A great 2-star hotel room starts from as low as £20. The finest islands are down south closed to the Malaysian boundary, which are certainly no less than heaven in my opinion.

One can also spend a couple of days in hiking in the lush forests, some of the most beautiful with wildlife you might have never seen before! Scuba diving is a common activity here for the tourists all year round since the sparkling waters and magnificent sea life are indeed a memorable sightseeing one must explore to make the expedition notable.



Thailand is convenient!


bangkok at dusk with main river


This would be absolutely true to say that Thailand never sleeps. Either you are craving for food at 3:00am; there is someone around to take your order. Deciding to buy a ticket for bus in midnight, don’t worry, it can be arranged without troubles. In a nutshell, Thailand is a lively place to live as well as for the tourists. You don’t even have to wait for a taxi at any strange hour as rides are easily available at a walking distance from you anytime of the day.


Thailand: The Ultimate Holiday Spot!

Generally, Thailand speaks for itself. You can make this place as your next destination spot since you can get all the attractions such as malls in the city, sparkling beaches, jungles, delicious foods and modish nightlife at the most cheapest prices than anywhere else! So, relish the great balmy climates of this tropical place while relaxing your mind at the same time from the worries of the world. Check out some cheap flights to Bangkok for you or your entire family. I am sure that its memories will remain in your minds for lifetime, and even make you bring back here if you will be visiting Thailand for the first time.