Living is easy when the expense is low, some cities experience a luxurious life and for some the luxury costs a lot. Today we will have a look at some of those cities where you will not find living that much easy as the expense there may take your breath away. Let’s have a look at such most expensive cities of the world.






The 1st one on the list of most expensive cities of the world is Zurich, a family of 3 members costs 3,500 euros to spend their living which is a huge amount and this doesn’t include rent of living, it is just the expense that occurs while staying in a normal little house. Not only living, but traveling to Zurich is also very expensive, just to stay a night there will make you out of budget but the highest wages are also earned in Zurich






After Zurich, the Swiss city Geneva is known as one of the most expensive city of the world. The city has a population of only 200,000 people but it costs them a lot to earn their living there and to spend a nominal life. After Zurich, the highest wages can be earned in Geneva.


New York




New York, after Geneva is another most expensive city of the world. Excluding the rental expense, just living there will cost you almost everything you gross. If we include the rent, then it surely becomes the top on the list of most expensive cities of the world.






In recent years, the living cost has climbed up higher in Osaka. This city of Japan having a population of 16 million people is also one of the most expensive cities of the world, where just a loaf of bread will cost you $7.94 and a bottle of wine for $17.55






The most famous city of France is perhaps the most expensive one too. Having a population of 2.2 million of residents, this most popular and famous city of France costs a lot to earn a living there. If you are traveling there, then it may not cause that much of expense, depending on how much lavish stay you want there.


Los Angeles




On the list of the most expensive cities of the world, the beautiful city of America ranks at 6th. If you wish to live well and a luxurious life in Los Angeles, then this will cost you almost everything you have, the people of the city of billionaires earn almost 24/7 to then spend it on their wishes and to fulfill their basic needs.






The 7th most expensive city of the world is Chicago. Based on the costs of good and expenses occurring while you earn and live there, in Chicago you need $2,792 just for the family of three, excluding the rent. Apart from eating and earning, what makes it the most expensive city is the expense of clothes.






Having a population of 4.5 million of people, Sydney is known as the most expensive city in Australia and the 8th one in the world. The reports varies from each other, some surveys consider it as the 8th most expensive city while in some reports it ranked 11th and in some even 2nd. Whatever the ranking is, living and earning in Sydney is not that easy.






Oslo is the top most expensive city of Europe and the 9th most expensive amongst the world, Oslo have a population of around 1.4 million and it will cost you a lot to spend just a night there with your partner, the hoteling and especially the beverages costs as much money as you spend in 15 days.






Montreal is also not far behind on this list; it ranks # 10 on the list of most expensive cities of the world after Oslo. Taking rent out of the equation, still the survey says that living and earning in Montreal is not that easy.