Exit Festival


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Exit is an award winning musical festival celebrated in the city of Serbia at the Petrovaradin Fotress. It is claimed to be best musical festival of Europe. The festival founded its roots in 2000 and it received so much fame because of its uniqueness in celebration as the students celebrated it in a university in which they were fighting for democracy and freedom in Serbia. The festival has won the title of “Best Overseas Festival” in 2007. It is named as to “exit” out of the madness and to re assimilate Serbia as a cultural mainstream. Exit is one of the leading and famous festivals of the world. The main stage of the festival is presented right in the heart of Petrovaradin Fotress with capacity of 35,000 people and having an exotic backdrop of the stage. Over two million people visit this festival annually and this makes it a music festival worth visiting and the one that should not be missed by you.

Ultra – Miami, USA


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Ultra is an annual outdoor festival that is celebrated in the month of March at Miami, it was inaugurated in 1999. The festival coincides with annual Winter Music Conference which also is also held in Miami. IT started as a one day festival then it was celebrated for three days and gradually increased to three days, however, in 2013 the festival exceeded to two weekends and this happened for the first time in the history. From 1999 till now it has witnessed 155,000 peoples attending the festival. Ultra attracts visitors from all over the world. The first Ultra music festival was held in Collins Park situated in Miami’s South Beach and from then it gained so much fame that now it is celebrated as a biggest event of Miami.

Rio De Janeiro – Rock in Rio

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Rio de Janeiro is world’s famous and biggest music festival celebrated each year. Held in 1723, The Rio festival has been huge from the very beginning and the first show got 1.5 million attenders. Now the festival has expanded in all directions and is celebrated in Lisbon and Madrid. The festival is full of colours, celebrations, music and drinks all around. The carnival is an official holiday in Brazil and there are special parades organized to be watched by visitors. The festival has some unique features, greatly prejudiced by local folklore and cultural expressions such as Frevo and Maracatu.



Summerfest is an annual music festival celebrated for 11 days on separate 11 stages. It is recognized as the world’s largest music festival .The event also provides a wide variety of cuisines from Milwaukee restaurants.

The festival comprises of comedy acts, shopping areas, fireworks and many family activities. Summerfest is organized by non-profit board that arranges the production staff to manage the venue and the event. The event features local and national music talent displaying variety of music genre. The famous music festival attracts 800,000 to 1,000,000 people annually. The festival started in July 1968 at 35 different locations across the city.





Donauinselfest is an open air music festival which takes place annually in Vienna, Austria. It takes place in the mid of June each year. It is Europe’s biggest open air music event, comprising thousands of acts including three days heterogeneous performance. The whole area is surrounded by water so you can have a dive along if it’s too hot for you. The festival got its roots since1983 when over 100,000 people attended it as the festival is free to attend by anyone. In only three days the festival had 2000 acts on 11 stages

The people attending festival can also take advantage of the volleyball tournaments which are held at the beach. Surprisingly, the festival suffers sometimes because of heavy summer rains at times but it increases the fun for attendees more.