Flight Delay and Its Impact:

Ever had an experience of flight delay? What actions did you take? Have you ever been compensated for your flight delay? Being humans, we all make our plans to use airlines for either family spending timeor any important business trip, which is a natural phenomenon. But what happens when you finally come to hear at the airport that there are some flight delay problems, and you’ve to wait for a few hours (or when the next available flight is ready for take-off, which could be several hours).
When deciding to travel, we pack our bags and we’re full of excitements and deciding till the last hour what excursions we would be doing on our vacation. But sometimes, the beginning or the ending moments are absolutely ruined at the airport when we come to know that the flight is delayed. There are some individuals who take these things very normally, as you cannot do anything in such situation. But you can certainly take the steps, which can be taken after reaching home safely, or even ask the information counter about the flight delay compensation!

Have You Experienced Your Flight Delay in Last 6 Years? If Yes; Then You Still Deserve The Compensation!

When the EU Regulation 261 was established in EU laws in 2004, which was recognized to protect passengers’ rights, it encompassed safety for those flyers whose flights were for any reason delayed (or cancelled)more than three hours. With this regulation, passengers are allowed to get up to €600 as their compensation, which mainly relies on the conditions of flight delay.
This indeed sounds wonderful asit means that whether you or anyone in your family (this includes children too), even you paid for your tickets or were purchased by someone else, are entitled for the compensation. Moreover, this law also covers those flights that were booked for holiday packages as well.

My Past Experience:

If I speak in general a couple of my horrific experiences when I had to miss my flights or when they were delayed for several hours; what problems I had to face and was there any means I was compensated after going through all this chaos. Well, since the beginning of the travel industry, passengers have been facing such minor/major issues at times, but this can certainly not stop us travelling, which has become a vital element of our lives.

One of my worst experiences with a major airline occurred back in 2015 when I had some baggage issues with the airline cargo department. The argument went for more than an hour, but they still kept on denying my luggage to go on airplane as they were going already excess than what it was supposed to carry. Anyways, after I was cleared an hour and paid their penalty for extra weight, I rushed immediately to the terminal where my plane was taking-off, I came to know that the flight is delayed for approximately 6 hours due to bad weather.
When I heard this news, I was somewhat stunned for a moment, but since I knew the rule to apply for international flight delayreimbursement, I managed to spend my time at the airport positively. And by saying positively, I mean you’re entitled to get basic facilities that include basic meal (according to the time of the day and duration). I also received the refund for the international call I had to make at my home. Well at last, the airline compensated with a free return trip to Dubai that I could use within a period of a year —seemed remarkably terrific!

Rules on Flight Delay:

People departing from EU airports, no matter which airline you prefer, or whether you’re arriving to any EU airport, rest assured as the EU Regulation 261/2004 vows that the passenger is entitled for any flight if it is delayed more than 2 hours. In such scenarios, airlines are obliged to provide meals, which are mainly in form of coupon, and even compensate for important phone calls, conveyance to & from airport.
But situation is different when the flight is delayed overnight; you definitely get a hotel accommodation, even for the cost reach there. In the case of any major disturbance, such as extreme bad weather conditions or war/conflict situation in the city, airline employees may not be able to assist in booking hotels. In such cases, you can make your own arrangements and claim the cost back. But don’t expect a full refund for an expensive hotel unless there’s no alternative. Supporting receipts are essential.

Compensation and Support:

Overall, there are three major categories by which airlines assist their passengers, in the situation of flight delay problems, schedule modifications, cancellations or boarding denial.
Passengers are in these ways entitled to receive cash compensation:
1. €250 when flight distance is less than 1500 km
2. €400 when flight distance is more than 1500 km but less than 3500 km
3. €600 when flight distance is above 3500 km
You are only entitled of 1st and 2nd compensations mentioned above when the flight is delayed more than three hours, but for the 3rd type, it has to be more than four hours. But keep in mind that for the 3rd type, if your flight is delayed anywhere between 3 to 4 hours, your compensation is simply halved, which means instead of €600, only€300.

Another Way to Pursue Your Claim:

Once you find out thoroughly that you are entitled to receive your flight delay compensation, it is very straightforward to take any UK established airline company to the law court, once your compensation is denied by them. It is simple to claim such case at Money Claim Online, which charges a minimal amount of fee, and the service is solely for the residents of England and Wales. This is I believe a great way to get the money you deserve for the intricacy you had to face during your journey, and which I would suggest to other as I obtained great benefits from this information.

Must to Remember!

It is exceptionally compulsory that you’re aware of your basic privileges when it comes to travelling. Flight delay compensation is something becoming very common among the mass and the frequent flight users. Either domestic within a few hundred kilometers or thousands of miles to another countries & continents; basic knowledge of airline policies is something that must be acquainted and shared regardless of having vast knowledge, as you may always get to discern latest changes on this subject.

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