Planning a backpacking trip from the very beginning isn’t easy at all. It not just involves hours or days of planning but also takes a lot of time packing your bag. When you are packing for a backpacking trip across a country, or multiple countries in a single trip, the list of items and how to pack them will always confuse you. You will struggle in not only keeping what is best for you but also deciding what is really important to keep.

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Backpacking – The best way to learn about a place and reflect on your thoughts

When you decide to do a backpacking trip, the preparations you have to do are parallel to getting on the mountaintop. The whole trip will be guaranteed to teach you amazing life-altering lessons, but the experience is also great. You will see the world with entirely different possibilities, learn different things about the local customs and traditions, and develop a social bonding with people. You will also need to hike a lot, which will enable you to maintain good health. Backpacking is indeed an adventure beyond anyone’s imagination.

But before you grab your stuff and head out, you need to learn the art of packing for a backpacking trip. The success of your backpacking depends a lot on what you have packed in your backpack or a rucksack. If you have put the right items, then your trip is going to be amazing. If you put the wrong ones, well use your worst imaginations. So, for this reason, I have come up with an instructible class for backpacking beginners, with highly effective steps for everyone to read and guide themselves through their packing. So read all the steps below and enhance your knowledge about packing the right stuff in the right way for your backpacking trip.

Step 1: knowing the importance of the right packing of your backpack

Everyone is a beginner at new things, and he or she is also prone to making mistakes. Although there is no shame in making slipups and blunders the first time, you must also realize that mistakes can come between you and your enjoyment. So, it is important to first make a list of items that you will necessarily need on the trip.

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That list needs to keep only those items that you will definitely need. You also need to keep items that are multi-tasking. For example, keep a Swiss Army Knife, or a rechargeable battery to help you navigate through the wild. You also need to decide your place of backpacking, and in this regard, we recommend you to select an easy and short path through a country that is easy to navigate. You simply cannot jump to the hard backpacking routes, which only experienced people go to. If you are going alone, this is imperative to first get some experience from novice treks.

Backpacking is demanding on your body and mind. You need endurance, strength, tolerance, willpower, and an ability to turn everything into a positive. The return is also rewarding in every aspect. You tend to know the actual meaning of living free from troubles and curing your stress. It gives you infinite endurance, experience, and a better understanding of life. But in order to experience all this, you need to keep the burden of your stuff low in the form of weight. First, decide only what you need for your trip. The number of items should be minimal and there should be no luxury items. Secondly, you need to keep your items in an order of importance. For example, if need to use your jacket more often than any other item, keep it on top of your bag over other items so that it is easily extracted.

Step 2: Booking airline tickets, transportation, and accommodation

Backpacking is a type of trip that involves the least amount of money. It is an efficient way to travel a country or a place, so cost should always be minimal. You can hitchhike instead of travelling in a rental, stay in camps instead of hotels and etc. However, you will need to fly to the country where you want to do a backpacking trip. But you can also save on that matter by booking the cheapest flight tickets through any renowned travel agency in the UK. Dream World Travel is one of the best travel agencies in the UK. We have the chance to book with them our entire trip, so you can easily trust them to provide you with an exceptional plan, and even guidance.

The definition of backpacking is to keep the cost of travelling minimal, and travel by hitchhiking, trekking, or finding any way to move from one city to another without spending too much. It also means staying either at hostels, low-budget guest houses, or campsites. Backpacking doesn’t mean any kind of luxury. In fact, this type of travelling requires sacrifices, where you need to leave behind the comfort of warm water, home, bed, and any other ease back at home.

Step 3: Duration of your trip

A backpacking trip should only consist of a few numbers of days if you are just a beginner. Starters always need some confidence in themselves, along with a reality check. They need to measure their preparedness by planning a short trip of a few days so that they can learn from a brief experience. Afterward, people can plan a longer trip much more effectively with some experience. It will become a great base to plan and execute their future trips. Ask any backpacker, either they have started under the guidance of experienced backpackers, or they have started with small backpacking and hitchhiking trips. So, follow this path and keep the duration for only a few days just for your learning purpose. Afterward, you can enhance the time period with every passing trip.

Step 4: your footwear and the nature of the place

Footwear is the first and foremost important thing that comes to our minds when planning a backpacking trip. Choosing the wrong footwear for the terrain can hurt your feet, and spoil your whole trip in a jiffy. You need to be very careful when choosing your footwear. If you are choosing a pair of shoes that are for plain fields, but your terrain is no way near plain, then you have made a grave mistake. Always research the land you are going to backpack on so that you may avoid making silly mistakes that have grave consequences. If the terrain is cold, you need to plan accordingly. Every terrain is different, so one type of footwear you are comfortable with isn’t going to provide any comfort with another.

Step 5: food and water

It is imperative to keep food and water with you all the time when backpacking through any country or place. You need to keep yourself completely hydrated in order to think clearly when trekking or hitchhiking through any countryside. You also need to take all the essential nutrition for a healthy digestive system and other organs as well. If you are moving through an area that is not known for its clean water, we recommend you keep a portable water cleaner with you all the time. Always filter the water from streams, and avoid any hazard in the form of infection and bacteria.