There’s something fascinating about photographers. My photography skills would resemble an orca trying to take a picture of a butterfly and crushing the tiny thing and its tiny dreams with my giant orca hands, but there are some annoyingly talented people that can even make smog look sexy. So if you’re one of the people who actually know what all those buttons on a camera are even for, or are trying to learn about them, then there are a few places to visit if you have a passion for photography;


  • Glow worm cave, New Zealand




It’s a cave, full of worms that glow. Ok, so maybe that doesn’t sound all that fascinating, but it is. The soft blue luminance of the worms in the darkness of the cave reflected in the smooth water that runs through it seems nearly, and I don’t use the term lightly, magical.




  • Chittorgarh Fort, India




This city is a great place to capture archaeological and architectural wonder. Legendary wars and the occupation of Mughals have left a permanent mark and it’s not difficult to capture the ambiance of an ancient era in Chittorgarh Fort.




  • New York, United States




Although it is home to many iconic sites like the Empire State building, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square etcetera, but it also has some of the best places to capture the urban vibe that radiates within the streets. Incredible street art and curious buildings are often left a bit underappreciated in New York City.




  • Isle of Skye, Scotland




This island has castles, pubs and restaurants but the scenery really stuns you for a moment. Isle of Skye is often covered in mist. You can click away to your heart’s content with all the natural beauty that it has to offer, and this may sound corny, but your heart may never be content.




  • Barcelona, Spain




This Spanish city is colourful and loopy and can at times be visually chaotic in the best of ways. There are places in Barcelona that are simple and mild and then there are places where you just don’t know where to look. It’s a pretty good place for selfies, but I imagine you have better things to do. Like taking pictures that people actually want to see.




  • Venice, Italy




Venice can get a little too humid and crowded at times, but that’s probably because its steady courtship thing with the camera draws a lot of people. Seriously the camera loves it, it loves the camera, and it’s a pretty tight relationship. The components of the architecture, the canals and alleys make for a perfect picture.




  • Cancun Underwater Museum, Mexico




This one might get a bit tricky; make sure to take your waterproof gear because all the shots are underwater.  Hundreds of sunken sculptors have been left in the care of the marine life and the result is quite stunning if not a bit surreal in the Cancun underwater museum of Mexico.




  • Kyoto, Japan




Kyoto is a city where you can see how the human inhabitants and Mother Nature work together. Every season is appreciated in this city and it’s difficult to go wrong with the timings.