With the melting snow, flowers blossoming, and the amazing warmth of the sun, it’s time for the Easter holidays and we can’t be more excited to go exploring. The festivities of Easter is important to Christians, especially children. But a healthy break from daily activities provides an amazing excuse to plan a holiday for everyone. For this reason, I am going to present a list of amazing places to visit on this year’s Easter Holidays. So read on, find a perfect place to visit, plan a trip, and enjoy the best time of your life with your family, friends, loved ones, or even alone.

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Best Places To Visit On This Year’s Easter Holidays


places to visit on this year’s Easter Holidays

Celebrating Easter in Rome is quite meaningful, even if you are not a Catholic Christian. Rome celebrates the auspicious occasion of Easter with utmost joy and festivities, with amazing stalls decorated in an Easter theme. You can also visit amazing fountains and streets of Rome, but keep in mind Museums and historical sites will be closed for all kinds of tourism due to the Easter holiday.


places to visit on this year’s Easter Holidays

Visit London on an Easter weekend, and you will definitely have a blast of joy and fun. You can visit different churches or cathedrals that are specially decorated with respect to the joyous occasion of Easter. You can also visit other landmarks that are also decorated with eggs, rabbits, and other items relevant to Easter.

Vatican City

places to visit on this year’s Easter Holidays

Vatican City is the capital of the Catholic Church of the whole world. It is completely located in the city of Rome. This place is significant for Catholic Christians, and visiting it at the time of Easter is one of the best things you can do. Due to the arrival of spring, the whole city-state turns into a flower. You can also visit significant landmarks and other places.


places to visit on this year’s Easter Holidays

If you want to spend your spring at a place with amazing flowers, Amsterdam is your place to crash. The whole city turns into a flower cocktail with amazing bright spring colours amazing everyone. Easter becomes even more colourful with flowers and vivid buildings all around. This city is very child-friendly, so if you have any kids, this place is perfect for them.


places to visit on this year’s Easter Holidays

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, a central-eastern European country that is known for being a perfect romantic destination. Due to the vibrant colours of Prague, it is a perfect destination to celebrate Easter. The Old Town Square is decorated in a perfect Easter theme and lasts for three weeks. There is also a market in this block which sells amazing items and goods.


places to visit on this year’s Easter Holidays

The capital of Japan may seem a rather odd destination to celebrate Easter weekend, especially when the major religion is Buddhism and Shinto. But trust me Tokyo offers the perfect setting to celebrate Easter with your family, friends or loved one. The amazing and vivid season of cherry blossom is at its peak in April, which is why Tokyo is a perfect place to visit in Easter break. Spring season brings blossom of other flowers as well that is the centre of everybody’s attention.

Easter Island

places to visit on this year’s Easter Holidays

Easter Island is a Chilean territory in Polynesia. It is a remote volcanic Island and was previously called Rapa Nui. Easter Island was discovered by Europeans on the eve of Easter, which is why it is known today as Easter Island. This place is below the equatorial line, which is why it is transitioning into the autumn season at the time of Easter. But you can still visit this amazing and see some amazing historical statues, along with an amazing beach experience.


places to visit on this year’s Easter Holidays

Siargao is an island in the Philippines. It is located 800 kilometres southeast of the capital Manila. The population of this country is mostly Roman Catholic, which is why Easter is celebrated with utmost joy and pleasure. You can head to Siargao to experience one of the best beach holidays in Far East Asia. This spot is famous for its serene beaches, surfing, swimming, and hikes in its forests. You will surely have a mind-blowing experience if you visit this island this Easter break.


places to visit on this year’s Easter Holidays

Colmar is a destination in France that is known as a destination of festivals and events. You can visit it during Christmas, celebrate Valentine’s Day there, or enjoy a perfect Easter weekend there. There are 2 big Easter markets in Colmar, which offer amazing products and gift items. It is one of the best places to be at the time of this year’s Easter holidays.


places to visit on this year’s Easter Holidays

The Austrian capital is the place of three big-time Easter markets. This vivid and lively city becomes an open-air museum at the time of Easter, and you can experience its unique culture and history. There are also amazing concerts being held in all corners of the city. The whole city is busy celebrating Easter events and distributing eggs and sweets.


places to visit on this year’s Easter Holidays

The cultural and dynamic Scottish city of Edinburgh should always be on your bucket list of places to visit on the occasion of Easter. This city is a vibrant place with buildings painted in different colours and host a lot of events and functions on the occasion of Easter. You can find eggs painted in Easter fashion, along with sweets and chocolates for children. There are also some amazing gardens to wander with family or a loved one to keep up the Easter spirit.


places to visit on this year’s Easter Holidays

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, and one of the biggest tourist hubs in Europe. This city has so much to offer, and at the time of Easter, the whole city is celebrating the bright spring colours. You can visit Tivoli Gardens with your family for Easter festivities. You can also visit Nyhavn, the 17th Century waterfront which has a lot of colourful restaurants, cafés, pubs, etc.

Washington DC

places to visit on this year’s Easter Holidays

Washington DC is the capital of the United States of America. The home of the President of the USA host an annual Easter event which is visited by many children. There are dummy bunnies all over the White House, along with eggs, sweets, and chocolates. You can also find other cultural and social shows from Good Friday to Easter Monday.

San Francisco

places to visit on this year’s Easter Holidays

The coastal city of California, USA host some of the best Easter events, festivals, and function that you can attend. The people of this beautiful city are great fans of bright events such as Easter, so the celebrations are in full swing. San Francisco is also home to some of the amazing cultural and historical sites, along with serene beaches, restaurants, bars, cafés, and much more.