The Skagit festival is held every year when the spring season shows up. April is the month when the flowers are bloomed around and can be seen everywhere. It adds more color to life as well as to the festival.

In Northwest Washington State, The Skagit Valley Tulip festival is the largest one to be celebrated. Annually, more than millions of people come to witness this beautiful and colorful festival to enjoy the stunning beauty of tulips and daffodils across the globe

Skagit, being one of the largest and varied agricultural communities, displays the blooming flowers in such a way that it looks like heaven.  In history, Tulips were a symbol of paradise on earth. In April the Skagit valley welcomes you to the modern paradise when millions of tulips burst and makes the festival a beautiful one. The Skagit Valley Tulip festival is truly a magical one! It is no doubt a natural wonder on earth including the Skagit River, mountains and islands.

In spring season, the Skagit Valley shows up its colors and the Skagit Valley Tulip festival is held. The daffodils can be seen everywhere blooming and blossoming beautifully. The Skagit Valley is in the center phase when the tulips bloom and it is the start of Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. This beautiful festival can be seen through bus or car tours around the valley or from air travel tour from where it looks more stunning from the top. What add more joy to the festival are the art shows and tulip festival events across streets.

Farming Tradition


The beautiful tulips can be seen around but nobody knows who is behind them or who makes sure that the festival looks amazingly fabulous. A family known as Roozan family had a business of growing tulips, Daffodils and Irises every year in large quantity. It was grown to cover the Skagit Valley which was more than 1200 acres of field with 15 acres of greenhouses. The Roozen family had a company named “Roozen family and Washington Bulb Company, Inc”. William Roozen migrated all the way from Holland, having many years of experience in bulb industry. He started the bulb farm on only 5 acres in the start as he had a good hand and strong back over it. He used to work hard for long hours to accomplish his task. He saved money to buy used tractors and other equipment for farm

The hard work of Roozen’s family extended to six generations and they succeeded. In the start they raised the tulips in Holland. Roozen family worked with other farmers in the Skagit Valley before starting their own business in 1950. Later, after some years he bought the Washington Bulb Co which was initially founded by Joe Berger and Cornelius Roozekrans. In the year 1985, William Roozen gave the business to his five sons and a daughter. The Washington Bulb co farms around 2,000 acres of land each year and it grows annually.

The Skagit Valley Tulip festival becomes more impressive each year and because of the rotation of crops it looks different every year, it keeps growing better and better and the farming heritage are proud of the Skagit valley and their work to celebrate the Skagit Valley Tulip festival annually.

Tours for Skagit Valley Tulip festival


Each year, the valley of Skagit is covered with vibrant colorful tulips and daffodils. For tourism, the most soothing and calm festival is none other than Skagit Valley Tulip festival as it gives a sight of beautiful tulips and daffodils under the blue enchanting skies. As the festival is designed for driving tours, there is no other site more beautiful than the Skagit Valley Tulip festival on your journey in car. A tour by plane or helicopter can also be planned and it will be just perfect to view the stunning fields from that height when thousands of flowers are blossoming and blooming through the Skagit Valley.