Wedding Day, the Best & Unforgettable Occasion!


You have the ring in your hands, and know it’s your Big Day of your life. Indeed, you want to make it one of the best days for you memories and that could be only accomplished when you have all the arrangements done in the right way. Simply buying fashionable and expensive bride & groom clothing, arranging the best cuisines and drinks for serving, making some best setups for the venue, or anything petty does not completely satisfies the number-one wedding organization.

One of the biggest and in my view, the most significant preparations would be the location planning, as this could certainly leave some best memories in the couple’s and audience minds for lifetime.

Therefore, after researching some of the best destinations for the wedding day, I would love to reveal some places where you can make your once in a lifetime day extraordinary and most unforgettable.


The Beautiful Belize  



Located at the eastern coast of Central America, Belize is one of my favourite destinations where you can plan your wedding day and make it extremely auspicious. Comprising of more than 100 lavishing clear water islands, you don’t have to worry about the fluctuating temperatures like the rest as 30 degree Celsius is the average year round temperature, which is best for everyone to enjoy.

Belize offers visitors more diversity than any typical beach destinations, and flight prices are about the same as those you’d find to popular wedding locales such as Mexico. Not only does Belize boast beautiful sandy beaches; it’s also home to lush rainforests, Mayan ruins, and the second biggest barrier reef in the world.

You can also save money as there are more budget lodges & rooms available with latest facilities like Wi-Fi & Air conditioner, as this place has just a few expensive resorts.


Destin, Florida


No doubt, there are certainly some of the best wedding destinations in the United States, but if you want to choose an amazing and at the same time, Destin, Florida could be amongst the fantastic spots for budget-friendly weddings.

You can save a lot comparatively to other cities of this southern state such as Miami and Orlando as Destin has much indulgent and pretty environs, making it relaxing to organize the arrangements. Surely, this place is in my opinion very romantic and affordable at the same time as you can get some best deals.

Cheap Flights are always available to the nearest airports from this place, so it would be one of the convenient and money-saving wedding destinations where you can organize the accommodation for your guests at the nearby hotels where sales are normally available at any time of the year except some seasonal holidays.





If it was the superlative destination for Bill Gates’s wedding, surely it could be the best for anyone too. Lanai is one of the beautiful islands where Bill & Melinda, the richest ion the planet tied their wedding knot and therefore, Hawaii has remained as one of the top places for couples for more than quarter of a century.


It’s a fact that when you invite your audience to this amazing destination, they can at the same time besides attending the wedding, roam around some other places of attraction when they are in Hawaii as you can rarely visit this place when you get a few days break from your daily hectic workloads. Its islands are famous for mountainous sceneries, waterfalls, tropical greenery and seashores with amazing coloured sands; Yes, green & red too!

So, what are you waiting for, as Hawaii could be without any doubt a fabulous wedding destination where you can put the rings into each other’s fingers and become one soul. Moreover, Cheap fares to Hawaii are available either you are planning to getting there quick within hours or long yet astounding route through sea-cruise.


The Breath-taking Bahamas

the breath-taking bahamas

The Bahamas lets people discover the diversity of the Caribbean. It is surely a very conspicuous vacation hub, and is believed to be one of the magnificent wedding destinations, where Nassau tops for some of the greatest marriages in its history. Flights are easily available from anywhere in the world, and takes you to this place where you can celebrate your huge day, to make it hear “You may now kiss the bride”.


When the imagination of nuptial comes to mind, the first thing to decide is the venue or a hot destination for attraction. Thus, Bahamas, assures some of the exclusive venues that can seize your fantasies. The Exuma is a famous beach and a flawless place for a quiet getaway to gather your visitors to the marriage ceremony.

Also search for the Grand Bahamas for a friendly location, which is a dynamic beach to celebrate this great time. Book your flights in advance to remain away from any last moment disruptions, as there is something always left to do, so it’s always advised to make arrangements prior to your trip.


Puerto Rico

puerto rico

From forts to beautiful beaches, forests and of course, salsa beats, this divine place on earth welcomes tourist from all across the globe due to its great cultural celebrations. From some of the popular beaches of Isla Verde, attractive small shops of Condado, the lush rainforest; these make Puerto Rico your desirable wedding destination.


Rincon is a great spot for wedding where famous singer, Shanai Twain also experienced her wedding event in this hot spot, as this place offers friendly aspects where the Atlantic Ocean hugs the Caribbean Sea. Another great spot in my opinion from research could be the mesmerizing island of Vieques, only a few miles off the eastern Puerto Rico’s end.


It’s not as difficult to plan some Best Wedding Destinations under your Budget but since wedding time is indeed a once in a lifetime occurrence, you must make it special. For those looking to make it cost-effective yet impressive, they can always search for the Best bargains online. Some of the cheapest online tickets from London are offered at the best prices, where people buy their vacation trips at superior rates than anywhere else.