Dubai – The economic and business hub of UAE and the touristy home to many people living there is one of those cities that never failed to amaze us with its astonishing and marvelous cityscape and infrastructure, along with it, there are some of the amazing fun facts about Dubai that are unbelievably true and worth admiring.

1) Dubai has the least crime rate – it’s a 100% safe city to travel
2) 83% of the people in Dubai are the immigrants, only 13% are the locals
3) It is one of the hottest destinations – and by hot we mean literally Hot.
4) Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities of the world
5) Astonishingly, Dubai hosts a race of robot camel racing
6) The biggest man made structure, Burj Khalifa is in Dubai
7) The Palm Jumeira in Dubai is the biggest man made artificial island of the world.
8) In terms of the total area, the Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world.
9) You can get arrested and imprisoned if caught in any premarital affair in Dubai
10) Dubai is also the largest city of UAE
11) Some ATMs in Dubai dispenses gold bars [now that’s news]
12) There’s one golf club in Dubai that requires 4,000,000 gallons of water a day.
13) A most awaited tourist attraction is soon to be launched in Dubai named GoAlladin, which is expected to be double of the size of Disneyland Orlando [launching in 2020 as heard]
14) Good news is Dubai is a city with 0% income tax
15) 20% of the world’s total cranes are working in the development and construction of the city.

16) Burj Al Arab of Dubai is the 4th largest hotel in the world
17) Dubai is home to many 5 tar and even 7 star hotels.
18) Dubai is around 52ft above the sea level
19) Dirham is the official currency of Dubai
20) Rainfall is sometimes an impossible reality for Dubai, the city experiences only 3.71 inches of rain per year. [estimated]
21) Luckily, Dubai is said to be a city the minimum risk of having earthquakes and tsunamis.
22) China is the largest international trading partner of Dubai
23) Only non-Muslims are allowed to consume alcohol in Public
24) The Dubai airport is the 7th busiest airport of the world.
25) Dubai is the city with no natural rivers