Many people think being a flight attendant is a glamorous job. You’ll realize that it is far from it. If you are looking for jobs which challenge employees to improve their people skills, this is the one you should definitely check. From working sporadic hours, working weekends and even holidays and dealing with demanding passengers really test the patience of poor flight attendants. What’s worse is that they still have to remain polite and professional against rude and ungrateful passengers if they don’t wish to be sued; after all, it is their job.

Walking bare foot along the aisle of a plane, asking for too many drinks, clipping toenails and annoying children will not be a big deal anymore once you read these weird stories witnessed by flight attendants during their duty that you will find particularly piquant.

  1. It is one thing to endure screaming babies with puke all over the seat area and it is another for them to leave ‘a surprise’ for flight attendants. In many cases, flight attendants have mentioned finding dirty diapers in the seat pockets or near sinks in the lavatory.
  2. A fire broke out in an American Airline flight when one of the passenger’s e-cigarette exploded. The faulty batteries were at fault which led to the explosion. Fortunately, nobody was injured on the plane.
  3. The flight attendants were surprised to hear the announcement from the pilot that they will be ready for take-off, after an 8 hour flight was coming to land. Many passengers were startled and gave confused stares.
  4. It may come as a surprise but some passengers cannot board a flight without their companions giving them emotional support. Those companions have been a falcon, frog, baby kangaroo, turkey and a parrot.
  5. Don’t you just hate it when you find litter and trash in the cinema hall? Well, they also happen on flights when inconsiderate passengers leave their seats in complete mess without feeling any shame.
  6. Flight attendants once had to deal with a drunken traveller, who turns out, was drinking more duty-free alcohol on the plane. He needed to go to the bathroom. After passing out, the flight attendant saw the guy with his trouser zip down and private parts exposing. After consulting with other flight attendants, the flight attendant used tongs to tuck ‘the privates’ in the trouser and carry him to his seat.
  7. There is nothing you can do to stop Mother Naturefrom calling. When the struggling passengers were told to not use the bathroom at the time, they decided to relieve themselves in plastic bottles and bags. You can’t hold it in, right? Another ‘surprise’ left for poor flight attendants!
  8. Some people have fear of flying and what negative things could happen if we were in mid-air.A flight attendant discovered a woman in the plane’s galley suffering from anxiety (curled in a fetal position while sucking her thumb).
  9. Hey, we are booking a flight! Can we get a message during our flight? Uh, no! If you think about it, this really should be a distinct service of an airline setting itself apart from competitors.
  10. A woman threw a tantrum when she was served wrong type of vegetarian meal. The altercation rose for over 10 minutes and with every employee. When things started to cool off, two courteous passengers shared their business cards and told the crew members that if such a scene arises, they will be ready to help. Few minutes later, a flight attendant asked those two passengers to get their belongings and bump to two vacant seats in first class.
  11. You’ve seen disgruntled and inconsiderate passengers. Want to hear something adorable? A passenger left their shoes outside the aircraft because they didn’t want the floor of the plane to get dirty and they thought they were spotless.
  12. One of the flight attendants was not aware that the commercial plane was assigned to transfer military personnel from one base to another. Shortly after take-off, one of the personnel took out his sidearm to clean it. The flight attendant shouted, ‘He has a gun!’ All the Marines started laughing with one of them saying, ‘Does it look like this?’ and others showed theirs as well. After that, they didn’t see her for the rest of that flight.
  13. A flight attendant was hit in the nose with an empty cup by an angry passenger because she was not serving her fast enough. Suddenly, the woman breaks down and apologizes for throwing the cup at her face. Then she says, ‘You have no idea who I am’. When the flight attendant and her partner ask who she really is, they hear, ‘I’m a dancer’.
  14. What happens when you mix alcohol with Ambien? You get a case of paranoia and amnesia. A man ran to the end of the end screaming ‘where are we?’ and ‘I’m on the wrong flight’. The flight attendants tried to calm him and explain several times that he went through security and his boarding pass was right; he’s not on the wrong plane. But the guy was convinced he was on the wrong flight.
  15. People have peculiar allergies. A woman once asked the flight attendant if she could get a glass of water with ice in it. When she received her response that the crushed ice was not yet available and have just a glass of water, the woman responded, ‘Never mind. I’m allergic to water that doesn’t have ice in it’. What we see is allergic to nonsense!
  16. People were alarmed when overhead compartments were showering their heads with maggots. Turns out one of the passenger was travelling from Africa to USA via Europe. He was a carrying dead fish wrapped in newspaper being eaten by maggots, one flight attendant observed.
  17. Got milk on this flight? The men had priceless looks on their faces when they found out that the liquid dripping from overhead compartment was breast milk. A woman shouted, “OMG….My breast milk! It’s not frozen anymore and it’s leaking what should I do?!”
  18. You can never be too prepared after this. A passenger had used tissues used from dispenser in the restroom to clean up after a bowel movement. That person then placed the used tissues in the dispenser. An unaware flight attendant wanted to get tissue papers and casually placed her hand in the messy dispenser.