Boarding a plane is stressful as it is with long waiting, searching for cheapest flights, carrying heavy luggage and going through security clearance. You think all of this is now behind you until the first few steps are taken on the plane. In normal circumstances, you are able to excuse yourself from the company of bizarre individuals who are unaware that their antics or odour (wherever it is coming from) is causing discomfort. However, this is a giant metal tube flying at over 500 mph at 30,000+ feet, which means there is no escape from those bizarre individuals.

While it may funny to hear about such situations occurring in other sections of the plane, you won’t be laughing when those happen in your proximity. There is one thing we have to endure a long flight and another to deal with invasion of private space. The following are the passenger types others have encountered during their flight. This will at least help you to expect the worst and not be infuriated. As for the solutions to such predicaments, we leave it up to you. 

The Jabby Cathy

After going through an energy draining process of boarding a plane, you decide to recline in your seat, relax and take a nap only to be kept awake by two passengers on your either side who won’t discussing about their children’s or nephews’ and nieces’ academic accomplishments at school. The worst is when Jabby Cathy sees you reading an interesting book and starts to comment about it. Comments including plot twists and story ending which you had planned to reach by the end of the flight.

The Executive

At least this one is not talking to you. What is bothersome is this man’s phone call is interminable. He discounts the glares given by other passengers while giving recommendations on improving an upcoming presentation about breakfast cereal. From the looks of it, the plane serves as some sort of a telephone booth for him, unless the flight attendants pry the phone out of his hands.

Seat Recliner

You are working on something important on your laptop and suddenly a behemoth passenger sits in the seat in front of you and reclines it to the max, slamming or even breaking your laptop. You bear having meals and electronic entertainment in discomfort and think that is the end of it. To make matters worse, the inconsiderate behemoth leaves the recliner in the same place when departing the plane.

The Hogger

As mentioned previously, your private space can be invaded by those who feel that they are in the comfort of their homes. This person can take over your arm rest, intrude your leg room or even place his/her feet on your recliner when seated behind you.

A pedicure in the air

Speaking of in the comfort of your homes, of all the time or day the people could choose, they chose during your flight to cut their toenails or even do nail polish. Not only do you have to watch out for toe nail clippings flying into your face or hair, but also witness their smelly ugly looking feet.

Think about the children!

They come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own bad behaviors. Before take-off, they will look adorable and amiable. Once the plane is in air, they display fits of hysteria. From doing graffiti and sticker art on seats and trays, kicking you in the back when they are seated behind while playing video games to giving unusual stares for long period of times and to crying at the top of their lungs. Such moments give you second thoughts about having your own.

Showing some skin

Yes, Yes! We see how exercise is important for you and you don’t want to miss it because a long flight is no excuse. This obviously happens in a spacious area of a plane, particularly near the exit or from where flight attendants get meals and drinks for passengers. Once, a passenger’s seat was near the exit. She was horrified when the first thing she saw waking up to was a full moon of a man doing yoga near her (it was daytime).

Thanks for the heads up

These people are common. They drink two to three bottles of beer before their flight and ask for more alcohol when flight attendants serve drinks. Once completely inebriated, these seatmates will apologize and give you a heads up on their subsequent uncontrollable behaviour. When they knock themselves out, they release a horrible stench from their mouths and behind which wafts through the air making it just as unpleasant for you as if your personal space was invaded.

Another version of this is a sober individual who warns you that he/she just had spicy food. Uh, thanks?

Long braids

How we have all felt when looking at shiny and long hair waving during a shampoo commercial? You soon start to regret long braids when you are seated behind someone (can be a dude as well), watching an interesting film to pass the time and this unkempt ponytail or long braid with split ends obstructing your entertainment. At least, they can be brushed aside or don’t smell.

Plague on a Plane

Your slumber has been interrupted by your seatmate’s string of coughs and sneezes. Instead of asking a flight attendant for tissue papers, he/she uses their sleeves or blanket to wipe their nose and spit.


Similar to a person clipping their toe nails, this person kicks it up a notch. Not only do they clip their toe nails, comb their hair and do make-up, they clean their noses and ears and wipe it over their seats; a disgusting leftover for an unfortunate passenger who will sit there.


The best way to deal with most of these situations is to carry headphones, sanitizer, eye-mask and nose plugs. For more hilarious and horrendous situations, check out Buzzfeed’s worst flight passengers/worst people to travel with.