Autumn is near as we know and I am glad that in a world full of hassles and troubles we have so many glorious seasons changing every then and now, to give us a lively vibe of astonishing colours, one of the most commendable season is here which is often referred as ‘’fall’’ but definitely won’t drop you, well as they say if they wanted us to stay the same all the time they would give us roots rather feet, it’s time now to explore such magnificent places of the world where we can showcase the beautiful autumn season and enjoy travelling as well.  Let’s see the astonishing colours of autumn around the world and get completely enthralled with the diversity of Mother Nature.



It the most favourite time of the year in Paris when autumn arrives, the sweet smell of pumpkins and beautiful colours of falling trees fills up the whole sight just like a never ending movie scene. The blossoming apples and the arrival of winters emerge right after autumn and that makes it a perfect hit of the year. Though Paris is outrageously terrific whole year but autumn sums up to magnify its beauty the most.




As the cherry blossom season of spring is to Kouyou, autumn is to Nara in Japan. From the end of September, the falling leaves sets their ways down and turns down the city as one beautiful master piece of nature. The gold, red and yellow are seasonal colours to be seen within this time period, every spot becomes a magical destination with sprawling colours and diversifying beauty.


Agawa Canyon – Canada


The Agawa Canyon’s train tour is perfect one to see the astonishing colours of autumn around the world, be quick to decide a trip there as earlier in October and from the end of September the fall seems splendid. The tour around the Agawa Canyon covers 114 miles of the cityscapes that looks perfect in day time and starts shattering at night.


Pitlochry – Scotland


Pitlochry is a beautiful Burgh or small town in Scotland, where shedding of leaves seems as astonishing as any other big names on your list. Some of the finest and worth admiring sights can be seen within this small piece of land, In October there is also an Enchanted Forest Event held there which is organized in night, soaking the trees with soulful music and with the golden and red leaves falling down as a backdrop from those trees.


New York


The weather may be all set up to cool down but the city of New York is still heating up with the marvellous events and trending festivities. As the fall arrives, Oktoberfest can be observed in the Central Park as it is the best reason to get boozed and hung over; surely you can slake your thirst and widen your autumn welcoming. Moreover, the festivals of fall and seasonal harvest is one of the worth cherishing thing in New York. Along with the scenic beauty of the nature’s hikes and mountain climbing comes the Halloween is just around the corner right after the autumn.