So what if you watched more reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S on your couch with the lights out that can possibly be considered healthy? So what if you’ve experienced more Cheetos hangovers and don’t have much reason to put on pants when you get home from work? The mere capacity to not have to put pants on is a blessing enough to feel religious about it. That’s nothing to feel down about either, there are more benefits to being forever alone than just not conforming to the idea of Valentine’s day, you simply need to stretch your skin a little, dance all night, barf all morning without anyone judging you. Here’s a list of the best places for ‘Forever aloners’ to visit;


  • Dublin, Ireland


Dublin, Ireland


Dublin does not seem to have any over the top attractions or landmarks. The city is, however, all about a comfortable and safe atmosphere. A small city with an impressive transport system and yet Dublin is a city where you learn to appreciate walks and silences. If you’re one of the art-culture savvy types, or just want a cool story to tell your friends who totally missed out, wander around the museums a bit and drink in the richness of the culture saturated there.


  • Tokyo, Japan



Tokyo is a strange hypnotic blend of, well, everything it seems. From serene temples and parks to chaotic market streets and conventions, it doesn’t really allow you a moment to be still. It’s just one of those places where you can never finish exploring. The underground ramen streets and fresh sushi restaurants, shrines more hidden than a Mew and anime and manga stores something out of an anime lovers dreams. In fact, Robot Restaurant just about sums up the experience of travelling in Tokyo. Some places can get confusing but all the weirdly charming weirdness that encompasses Tokyo is kind of worth it.




  • Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam, Netherlands


If you want a vacation from the monotonous theme of your office and the screen you stare at for God know how many hours a day, the droning of your colleagues whose baby is obviously the smartest whom you stopped caring about after the first 20 minutes of their arrival on Earth, Amsterdam is the place for you. It is very well known for its stunning canals and vivid colours that just seem to be everywhere and the laid back easy to talk to people make it one of the best places for forever aloners to wander around. You may end up making more than a few friends in this tolerant city.




  • Reykjavik, Iceland


Reykjavik, Iceland


Although kind of expensive, if you’re willing to indulge and spoil yourself a little Reykjavik can be a pretty good place to wander around all by your lonesome. Definitely one of the best places for forever aloners to wander around especially if you want somewhere to appreciate Mother Nature’s work of art, with the added convenience of manmade utilities. The natural wonders here are the main attraction, just slightly above alcohol on the list, for drawing in tourists. The Blue Lagoon and geothermal spas are all well and good, but the auroras? Spectacular.




  • Johannesburg, South Africa


Johannesburg, South Africa


Johannesburg is the definition of a big-city, with urban culture and shopping, food good enough to make you weep with tears of pure joy and nightlife to make you regret everything you ate that morning. But in a good way, if that makes any sense. Oh and it’s Africa, mentioning the great outdoors being great would be pointless and redundant. Public transportation can be a bit of a hassle but the overall cost of loitering around town is very reasonable. The Apartheid Museum is a good place to feel more cultured after suffering through months of poorly written soap operas.