It is November 2019, and we are all looking forward to this year’s biggest shopping day Black Friday. Who isn’t excited about all the sales that will bring your favorite items well within your buying range? People are waiting for this day the whole year and now they will surely find their desired items and get them in as low as their price can get. It is indeed a blessing to avail handsome discounts, and this day is indeed a great chance for every shopper. But how it all started? Why the first Friday after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday in some countries and why there are so many rebates? Let’s find out in this article.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in the shopping season that starts from Thanksgiving in the United States of America since 1952. The day follows Thanksgiving Day which is on the fourth Thursday of every November. Every retail store and almost every shop offers heavy discounts on their items so that more people can buy from them. They also offer clearance sales as well as amazing deals, packages, and different percentages off on different products. This trend started on electronic appliances and clothes, and now it covers almost everything for sale on every platform even food, tickets, and etc.

biggest shopping day Black Friday

Last year, one of my friends was able to book cheapest online flight tickets on the occasion of Black Friday from a renowned travel agency. The ever-growing trend is capturing all the industries and markets and it is the benefit of everyone. Although this day dates back to almost 70 years now, the name Black Friday has only widely used until recent decades. But who cares about the name? All that people think of are the opportunities of finding the best deals to acquire their products or services. Today, not only physical retailers offer a discount on Black Friday, but the main shopping takes place on online eCommerce platforms. Shoppers aim to get their desired items in cheap price, and retailers aim to sell out their products and empty their warehouses for incoming stuff.

The history of the term “Black Friday”

The term Black Friday had nothing to do with November and retail sales since its first usage 150 years ago by gold investors. In the following years, this day was more associated with the post-Thanksgiving traffic jams, sick-outs, accounting principles, and some clearance sales, which is why it is known today to be an epic day of discounts and rebates.

biggest shopping day Black Friday

There was a gold panic when the U.S financial securities market crashed on September 4, Friday in 1869 due to the intentional influence of the gold price by two investors along with the response of President Ulysses Grant. James Fisk and Jay Gould tried to cut off the government involvement in the gold market when one of them learned the conspiracies. They tried to direct the sales of federal gold worth $4 million and in-process shut down the government involvement. After learning about this plan, President Ulysses Grant deliberately crashed the market in order to foil their attempt. The stock market dropped by 20% and gold depleted by 50% on Black Friday.

The name “Black”

In the late 80s, different retailers and store sellers spread the idea of Black Friday as an accounting orientation to a business that has finally started making a profit. This concept followed the notion that the majority of the companies and organizations were operating ‘in-the-red’, which is why black Friday was known as ‘in-the-black’. This period was from January to November, and they had to rely on sales after Thanksgiving Day in order to keep their businesses afloat.

biggest shopping day Black Friday

It was a mentality of sell or die for all the retailers and businesses as they don’t want to keep the older inventories when the newer stock was going to replace them. So for this reason, products had to be sold in a very little or very basic profit margin. The shoppers got so excited for all the deals and discounts to be offered that they wanted the retail stores and shops to be open even on Thanksgiving.

Black Friday today

As we have already discussed, Black Friday today has become the biggest shopping day in major parts of the world and this trend is already growing bigger. Almost all the brands, retailers, food chains, shops, eCommerce stores, travel agencies, and other sellers offer unbeatable deals for the benefit of their customers. This day is just like an opportunity to increase customers and clients for sellers as well as a great way for consumers to find the desired items in the lowest prices. Black Friday is the official countdown to Christmas and New Year, and some of the retailers and sellers offer amazing sales in this period.

biggest shopping day Black Friday

People adopt their crazy self on this day, and there are literally queues in hundreds and even thousands trying to enter their favorite stores to go shopping. This day brings the best and sometimes worst of people, as they forget about everything and just focus on buying stuff.

Different sale events

When this sale and discount trend started back in the 1980s, it was only a few bucks off sale on some retailers. The crowd was not as enthusiastic and passionate as they are today. But as this trend grew with passing years, this event not only became the biggest shopping day in the world, but it also provided an opportunity for almost every industry to capitalize on it.

biggest shopping day Black Friday

Today, this day brings forward not only some of the best sales and deals of the customer, but also amazing events where they can take part to make the most of their time. The whole weekend turns out to be extreme fun where people can enjoy with their loved ones. Some of the events include price distribution ceremony, lucky draws, lottery draws, sports events, fairs, concerts, and etc. Here are some of the events that came after Black Friday are Cyber Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day (celebrated mostly in the United Kingdom and some Commonwealth countries), and New Year.

Is Black Friday the biggest shopping day of the year?

Just as soon as you have consumed your Thanksgiving turkey or dinner, you start thinking about Black Friday and all the shopping opportunities it will bring. This kick-off to the shopping season starts with a bang, with the very best sales and healthiest discount offers available on the very first day of the inauguration.

biggest shopping day Black Friday

In the past, stores were unable to find profit on such sales day. However, Black Friday is a chance for everyone to maximize their profits and gains, whether it is a consumer or the seller. It is not only a great way for sellers to empty their stores and warehouses but also a great way to promote their businesses. So everyone’s got their wallets and savings ready to buy their desired items on this year’s Black Friday? We hope it is a yes from everyone.