The outlandish and the most overwhelming time of the year is right at the corner, it’s time for the summer Olympics 2016 which are to be held in Rio de Janeiro this year. Commonly referred as the Rio 2016, the biggest battle of games is about to begin from the 5th of August and is planned to end on the 21st of the same month.


A bit of History:

Don’t get bored as we hop onto a bit of Olympics history, but it’s important. If you look back at the history of Olympic Games, it dates back to around 776 BC, when it used to be dedicated to the Olympian Gods and was held on the ancient stages of Olympia; however, they followed up until the 12 centuries. The Olympic Games were clearly linked with the festival of Zeus but were not an essential part of it, but they evidently aim at showing the physical performances and qualities.

The Summer Olympics 2016

The Host City – Rio de Janeiro

In October 2009, in the 121st IOC session which were held in Copenhagen, Denmark, it was announced that Rio would be the first South American city which is going to host the Summer Olympics 2016, the bidding process of the Games were launched officially in 2007, on 16th May. The final voting was witnessed in 2009 which perceived Rio de Janeiro as the land chosen for the game. Barra da Tijuca will host majority of the venues of the Summer Olympics 2016, others would be put in order in 3 further alternative zones of the city; Deodora, Copacabana Beach and Maracana. However, Barra da Tijuca will also be a home to the Olympic Village [place where all the athletes would stay]

The Athletes Village, this time, is said to be the biggest one in the history accommodating people and material with a larger and grander area.

The Rio Olympics will be having newest robotic technology designed by Marks Roberts Motion Control to widen the reach for the photographers or video makers.

The Torch Relay

The official Olympic flame was lit on the 21st April, 2016 at the temple of Hera in Olympia. On 27th April, the Flame was given to the Brazilian organizers during a ceremony held in Panathenaic Stadium, Athens. The torch journey was started on the 3rd May in Brasilia, the torch relay is planned to roam around in more than 300 cities, and will end restfully in Rio de Janeiro, till the 5th of August.

The opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics 2016 would be held on the 5th of August in Maracana Stadium. The Summer Olympics 2016 will feature 28 sports in total with 306 events.

The sports include diving, swimming, fencing, jumping, Trampoline, artistic, boxing, basketball, football, field hockey, freestyle, rugby, golf, table tennis, taekwondo, volleyball, handball and many more.


Rio 2016



The Biggest Battle of Games – The Summer Olympics 2016

The Rio 2016 will feature a lot for everyone, the grand environment for athletes to enjoy an unforgettable journey of sports with world class facilities and easy accessibility to the venues will surely add on the fun. So get ready for the grand of the grandest sport celebration to be held in Rio de Janeiro this time, with more fun, more enthusiasm and lot more coming your way. Be a part of the Summer Olympics 2016 and enjoy possibility the most outlandish event of its own kind.