On the coastline of Western Asia, lies the beauty that needs no definition, the beautiful country Iran which is also known as Persia. You will find the oldest civilization residing in Iran. The Elam and Proto-Elam Kingdoms before 3200 BC can be found here. Iran is known as the 17th most populous Nation of the world, because of such rich history, Iran is also filled with the beauties and treasures. There are no words to explain the hospitality and kind gestures of the people of Iran, they are truly the people of heart and their souls are filled with love and respect for others.


Let’s look at some of its precious destinations which are truly the treasures of Iran.


Culture of Iran




Iran’s culture is always been influenced by other big nations, including Greece, Italy and other Northern countries as well. Iranian art is simply splendid, the architecture, paintings, pottery, calligraphy and weaving has no comparison with any other nation. The modern and contemporary art has its own uniqueness; Iran is the largest exporter of handmade carpets which has contributed to the world’s export too. You will also find the largest jewel collection in Iran.


The architectural importance of Iran dates back to the 7th millennium BC. The Iranians were the first to make use of geometry and mathematics in architecture. Iran is at #7 for having the most architectural and archaeological ruins which is also recognized by UNESCO. The literature of Iran Is also one of the oldest one, Persian is served in many parts of other worlds and is used in many poetries and songs also.


Tehran City




The capital city of Iran is a magnificent piece of land and a true treasure of Iran. In western Asia, it is the second largest city. The Azadi tower and the Milad Tower are the memorial monuments of Tehran; the Milad tower is 17th tallest freestanding structure of the world which was built in 2007. Tehran has been home to many historical collections including the royal complexes, Tabiat Bridge is a newly built bridge in the city which is another important symbol of Tehran.


Mount Damavand




The Mount Damavand is the highest peak in Iran and also the highest volcano of Asia. According to the Persian mythology, the Damavand mount is the significant and prominent mountain. The rivers surrounding the mount are popular for the Brown Trout. It is also nominated as to be the national heritage site of Iran.






The literal meaning of Persepolis is the city of Persians, it is located at the Northeast of the city and its earliest remains and ruins dates back to 515 BCE. In 1979, it was added as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Persepolis can be found near Pulvar River, you will see the Apadana Palace on the west of the city, and just beside the Apadana Palace is the throne hall which is the largest building which has a beautiful terrace.






Soltaniyeh, the imperial is to the North West of Tehran and is one of those treasures of Iran which is undiscovered and unexplored yet its beauty and magnificence is amazing. In 2005, Soltaniyeh was also listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.