When talking about commercial airlines and speed, the discussion is not relevant as speed is not the primary objective to offer by any aircraft manufacturer. It is always the comfort, effectiveness, luxury, and safety of these aircraft that fly between continents and overseas taking millions of passengers each day. However, there is a great history in the aviation world when commercial aircraft were made after heavy research and development for speed and specifically to break the sound barrier. The resultant was the development of many aircraft that we are able to fly faster than the speed of sound, and they were mass-produced.

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Today, the direction of the commercial aircraft industry is a lot different. But speed is still something that fascinates everyone, which is why it is a factor that is considered by aircraft manufacturing companies. Everybody wants to arrive at their destinations as fast as possible, which is why manufacturers develop fast aircraft without compromising on safety, luxury, comfort, and many other factors for people flying and even for people on the ground. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the world’s fastest passenger commercial airplanes that were mass-produced, and some of them are still in production. So read on, and be amazed at this amazing information. Also, we will tell our esteemed readers how they can book cheap flights in these aircraft to reach their destination faster.

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World’s Fastest Passenger Commercial Airplanes to ever fly

The majority of all the passenger planes fly at a speed range of between 500 to 700 miles per hour, which is also known as their cruise speed. But there are some unique aircraft that can bypass this limit as well. Professionals associated with this field of travelling promote different aspects of their businesses. Some airlines and travel agencies deal with clients whose priorities are speed travel and efficiency. This is the reason why airlines are keeping the factor of speed and generating demand for such aircraft from manufacturers that can fly faster.

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However, with all the research put into speed, comfort, and safety, the aircraft price, maintenance, and operations will automatically increase. The costs of the ticket will increase, making fast travelling more expensive. However, you can always find holiday packages on our platform and bring the total cost of your trip down. These packages are provided to attract customers and make fast air travel more common and streamlined. Following are some of the world’s fastest commercial airplanes that are mass-produced.

Tupolev TU 144

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Tupolev TU 144 is the fastest commercial airliner that has taken the skies at up to 1,510 mph or 2,430 kilometres per hour speed until now. Although the aircraft is not used for commercial flights, it is still used by the military of Russia for various missions and space programs along with the training as well.


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Concorde was a joint venture of Sud-Aviation, which is now known as Aerospatiale, and the British Aircraft Corporation under an Anglo-French treaty, which is why the aircraft is named Concorde. First flown in 1976, these aircraft flew for 26 years at a speed of 1,354 mph or 2,179 kilometres/hours. Just like the Tupolev TU 144, Concorde was also a supersonic commercial jet.

Airbus A380

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Airbus A380 is a long-range wide-body aircraft that has redefined the aviation industry and commercial flights over long routes. It is the largest airliner with respect to capacity and one of the fastest commercial planes in the modern world with the top airspeed of 676 mph or 1087 km/h. This aircraft is also very luxurious as well as comfortable for long-haul flights.

Boeing 787

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Boeing 787 is a wide-body aircraft manufactured by Boeing in 2003. It is long-range aircraft that can fly up to 652 mph or 1,049 km/h. This place is renowned by many big-time airline companies due to its luxurious features, efficiency, and comfortable flight.

Boeing 777

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Boeing 777 is the king of skies with many airline companies flying this commercial jet. The engines of this jet are really powerful machines. It can hit the top airspeed of 644 mph or 1036 km/h. This place is also known as a long-range wide-body aircraft.

Convair 880

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Manufactured by General Dynamics, the Convair 880 was a commercial airliner that used to fly at a speed of 615 mph or 989 km/h. This place was a failure at the commercial level due to many reliability issues.

Boeing 747-8

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Boeing 747-8 was introduced to the world as the longest aircraft in the early 2000s. This airliner is used for the transportation of the American President as Air Force One. This wide-body, double-decker aeroplane is capable of flying at the top speed of 614 mph, or 988 km/h.

Hawker Siddeley HS.121 Trident 2

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Hawker Siddeley HS.121 Trident 2 is a British aircraft with a top speed of 605 mph or 873 km/h. This specific aircraft revolutionized the face of domestic flights completely in the 1960s.

Boeing 747-100

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Boeing 747-100 was first introduced in the United States of America as the state-of-the-art aircraft that redefined air travel. It was the most successful massive commercial long-range wide-body double-decker jet with a top speed of 583 mph or 938 km/h.

Airbus A330-200

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Airbus A330-200 is a wide-body long-range commercial airliner produced in Europe by Airbus. This jet first rolled out of production line in 1995, and since then it is flown all over the world by some of the biggest airline companies. Its top speed is 575 mph or 925 km/h.

Ilyushin IL-62M

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Ilyushin IL-62M was a medium-ranged Russian commercial aircraft manufactured by Ilyushin. This medium-capacity aircraft was able to travel at 571 mph or 918 km/h speed.

McDonnell-Douglas DC8-73

McDonnell-Douglas DC8-73

This aircraft was built in the 1960s and was a success due to its amazing flight features and smoothness in the air. This aircraft was built for long-range flights with a medium capacity of passengers. It could reach a top speed of 551 mph or 886 km/h.

Bombardier CRJ 1000

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Manufactured in Canada by Bombardier, CRJ 1000 is a small to medium range aircraft that is perfect for domestic flight operations. The aircraft can hit a speed of 541 mph or 870 km/h.