Asia is the largest continent on this planet. With its utter size, Asia doesn’t disappoint anyone with its tempting destinations and everyone should visit the beautiful countries of this Continent. Home to the most beautiful beaches and the highest mountains on this planet, the Asian continent is blessed with everything. It has got geography and a culture that is unmatched.

Visiting Asia in your 20s

But with a landmass this big to explore, it requires energy and willpower beyond anyone’s imagination. The diversity in culture, traditions, and religion in this region is also a great challenge for anyone to come to terms with and visit this Continent. So, for this reason, I recommend everyone to visit Asia in the 20s. Although there is no mandatory age group required to travel in Asia, these suggestions are our opinions and you are always free to decide when you should visit this beautiful Continent.

The reason I say why you should visit Asia in your 20s is due to its diversity in landscape, culture, tradition, cuisines, and religions. The challenges one must go through to settle in these areas is sometimes too much more an older or a younger person. I also mean with this topic that 20s are the ideal age to travel in Asia. A person is in his or her prime health, and body shape in this period and they can make the most of it. You need every bit of energy in your body to cross the long trekking trails in the Himalayas or go deep into the ocean for a scuba dive. You also need your best shape and health to climb the mountain peaks this Continent has. With its enormous size, you also need the energy to go on any backpacking, hitchhiking trip across Asia. So, the 20s is indeed the ideal age group to visit Asia.

Where to start? How to get there?

In the second part of this article, I am going to discuss the point of ingress when going on an Asian trip. You can either start your trip from Thailand, or travel to India, Pakistan, Iran, and into Central Asia, or Turkey. In this route, you can cover the beautiful beaches of Thailand and India, as well as mountain valleys and ranges of India and Pakistan. Getting to any country is also not difficult. They are perfect for a great holiday destination or even a backpacking trip. Dream World Travel is currently offering cheap flights to Karachi from London, and other international airports in the UK for every traveller. So, if you want to take a trip around Asia, you can start from there.

You can also start your trip from Central Asia, and travel as far as to the caves of Vietnam. There are a lot of traveling routes in Asia which a young man or a woman in their 20s can start their journey. However, it is important to research a little bit about the topography of the route they are taking, along with all the political conditions of the region.

Asian Countries you need to see in your 20s


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The Great Wall of China

China is one of the largest countries on Earth. It has become of the most developed countries in the 20th century, and it is full of beautiful places, unique nature, culture, and people. You need to have the maximum energy to see every significant landmark or place in China. From the dams to the Great Wall of China, and the plateau of Tibet, one of the best transportation countries in the world still demands a high amount of energy from you to visit it.


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Mount Everest, known locally as Sagarmatha

Nepal has the highest mountains on the planet. It is a feat to conquer them, so you need to be in the best physical and mental shape. Even the trekking trails demand physical strength that can only be met by a person in his or her 20s in an ideal state.


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Traditional Wall Art in India

India is a massive country in Asia, which is also known as the sub-continent due to its size. There are some great beaches in the country, as well as mountains, rivers, deserts, and forests. You need to be in your prime body shape to cover everything this country has to offer. And if you are willing to enjoy a little bit of nightlife, you need to be extremely reckless, just like a person is in the 20s.


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A beautiful temple in Thailand

Thailand is an ideal place for all the people who love swimming in the warm ocean and sunbathing on white sand. However, the capital of Thailand, Bangkok has a wild side that can only be absorbed by a young person in his or her 20s. So, this warm, friendly and gentle country is not an ideal place to be for an older and much wiser person.


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Rice paddies in rural Vietnam

Another country in Far East Asia with amazing beaches, Vietnam is also renowned for its caves. This country has some of the largest cave systems in the world, which demands the energy and willpower of a person in their 20s to explore. Although older and younger people are also able to explore these caves, the ideal scenario is for a person in his or her 20s that fits the explorer’s description in the memo.


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The 7000 meter high mountains of the Karakoram seen from Upper Hunza

Pakistan boasts some great hiking trails, mountains, deserts, and cities to explore. The country’s population majority is youth, so in order to mix with them, it is ideal to be in your 20s. Besides all the extreme challenges the topography will offer you in traveling, the country is now peaceful and open to all tourists.