It’s time now for the biggest music bash of the year, it’s time now to pack your bags and plan a vacation to the Western European city Belgium. Yes it’s time now for Tomorrowland Music Festival! Deep in Belgium’s Boom town, get ready now to visit the Tomorrowland, today. The festival is organized in a town called Boom in Belgium; the biggest and grand music festival is celebrated since 2005 and has been a great attraction from that time. People around the Globe visit Belgium for this core purpose of attending the most notable music festival of the world.
Over the years, the festival was initiated at different time of the year. In 2015, it was held on August 14. Second one was held in 2006 on 30th July and then in 2007 on 28th – 29th July. Over 100’s of DJs play live there to make you get lost in the musical sensation and will give you a celebration you ever wished for.



Round the years, there was an increase in the visitors and it’s still counting. If you think you could get the tickets at the very last moment so you are wrong, the tickets of the festival sold out before a month of it. It had a record of 120,000 visitors attending the festival. In 2011, there was a three days expansion of the Tomorrowland Music Festival.
In 2014, 10 years were completed of the event and in order to celebrate it the festival was expanded over two weeks and it had 360,000 attendees in these 2 weeks which is a record in itself. In September 2015, the festival witnessed 150,000 people bumping over from different parts of the world.  
The venue of the Tomorrowland Music Festival is itself a breathtaking site, after a huge research of arranging this fabulous event, it finally settled in Belgium.


In 2013, it was decided by the SFX Entertainment and ID&T that they will begin an American Spin off session of Tomorrowland which will be known as TomorrowWorld. The venue chosen for TomorrowWorld was Atlanta, Georgia, deep in the Chattahoochee Hills as it has a great resemblance to the Boom town where officially the Tomorrowland Music Festival is held. The inauguration of the TomorrowWorld was held in 2013 from 27 to 29th of September. Now only the musical celebrations and amazing visuals were brought in, the TomorrowWorld brought a boost in the economy.
If you are planning a holiday full of funky and musical celebrations, then Belgium is the place for you. You will experience a festival worth visiting for, to get lost in the city’s madness and enjoy every bit of it, make sure you attend the next Tomorrowland Music Festival which will make you fall in love with its each beat.


The Tomorrowland Music Festival is to be held on the 22nd July, 2016, the theme of the festival would be ‘’The Elixir of Life’’. The fullest and maddest festival is round the edge, so what are you waiting for? pack your bags and be prepared to hop on at the funkiest musical celebration. Experience a complete weekend of fun, festive and funkiness, the hottest festival sensation is to be started. Be ready for the extravagant stage performances and electronic music fun along with some of the most enthusiastic DJs performing live on 15 of the live stages. Boom welcomes all to its bubbling venue having the grandest musical celebration of the year.