The beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, well rightly said. Not only vibrant colors have charm, the beauty of black color is flawless. Some of the nature’s treasure is filled with eye catching black sand beaches. Let’s have a look at the top 5 Black Sand Beaches of the world which are famous for its beauty and charm.


Punalu’u Beach of Hawaii




On a big island of Hawaii you will find this masterpiece of nature. The Punalu’u Beach is the most beautiful beach which comes on the list of top 5 black sand beaches. This black sand beach is made up of basalt, the lava which was eroded from the Volcanoes that were flowing into the ocean and then was cooled.




The ocean is a bit rocky and the sand is itchy so make sure if you visit it you take safety measures. You will find green sea turtles floating in the sea and resting on the black sand.


Iceland’s Vik Beach




Imagine yourself relaxing on a crazy day at a blue sea side, having great atmosphere and black sand all around you? Sound different? But yes this beach does exist. The Vik beach is situated in a small village of Iceland, though Iceland is not considered as an amazing place to visit but you have this beach as a reason to be there.




In 1991, the Vik beach was called up as the most beautiful beach of the world. Don’t soak up yourself in the black sand but make sure you see this piece of marvel once in your life.


Waianapanapa Beach at Maui




The Beach was formed by the waves thrashing against the volcanic rocks till decades. You can come across some of the most beautiful and picturesque sites at this beach. You will find some enthralling sea caves and bridges of natural stones.




In winters, the site looks very beautiful but the water level is high so it is a bit dangerous to swim and surf in winters. Summers are best to scuba dive and surf around the exotic black sand beach.


Kaimu Beach of Hawaii




Hawaii seems rich in having some of the most mind blowing beaches of the world, including the Kaimu beach which is another masterpiece. The beautiful Kaimu beach is another one of the top 5 sand beaches of the world.




It was covered with 20% of Lava in the 90’s. People living nearby planted new trees and plants at the Kaimu Beach to get a greener visual beauty affect.


The Lost Coast Black Sand Beach of California




Stretching around 80 miles, the lost coast is the best black sand beach to explore. You will find some excellent and worth watching peaks which are 2000ft high. Swimming is allowed here but it’s not majorly the swimming that attracts people to be here, but the views which are so picturesque and beautiful that it captures your attention. You can swim along the crystal blue water of the beach or simply relax on the black sand.